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Yanchep Crystal Caves – Yanchep National Park

Yanchep Crystal Caves – Yanchep National Park

By on Jul 31, 2014 in Australia, Perth | 0 comments


After visiting the Wanneroo Heritage Museum a few days ago we just had to head out to the Yanchep National Park to see the Crystal Caves.

The National Park is only 25 kilometres up the road and judging from the photos in the Museum it was a must visit place from the moment it was found early last century till today. Its hard to believe there could be limes stone caves in such and arid place. But we were keen to have a look. The park turned out to have much more than just one cave.

After a rather late start to the day, we managed to miss most of the tour times and arrived just 5 minutes before the next scheduled cave tour at 2:00pm. The people at the park entrance didn’t think we had much chance of catching the tour, but we headed off anyway. Again the weather lack of mid week tourist saved our day. The tour only had three other people and our guide was very pleased to have the five of us attend. Even if we paid after the tour was complete.

Crystal Cave

The story around the Yanchep Crystal Caves, its discovery and formation are worth a listen so pay attention to your guide. We have been in caves with more spectacular formations and longer tunnels however the Crystal Cave is still spectacular in its formations. Its locations and how the water comes to be there.

Koala Boardwalk

Tash wanted to see Koala’s and the boardwalk made it very easy to spot one or two. Here the weather probably played against us. The poor Koalas looked pretty cold and miserable up in the trees and spent the whole time sleeping curled up amongst the higher branches.  Its a shame that the Koalas are not native to Western Australia, but I believe they have been here long enough to feel pretty cold on a wet winter day. They are probably more active on a warm day, though I hear they do spend many hour asleep each day.

Chocolate Drops Tea Rooms

The Chocolate Drop Tea Room turned out to be the gem in the heart of the park. The quaint little store didn’t appear to be much more than a normal milk bar until you look around the room and see all the awards they have won. Since 2004 they appear to have won at least one business award each year and often two. Along with business accolades their chocolates (made on site) have won dozens of awards as well.

We arrived just as they were closing shop, so we only grabbed a coffee, some chocolates and a couple of drinks for the kids but I’m sure the meals would be scrummy as well. The chocolates were finished before we arrived back at the Yanchep Inn

Yanchep Inn

Visiting  the Yanchep Inn is like stepping back in time. You can imaging what fun it must have been to spend the day traveling from Perth in the 1930’s in a hot dusty bus and then arriving at the Yanchep Inn. Spending time socialising in the dinning room between walks to the caves or around the lake.

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