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Working on the road and … in a tent!

Working on the road and … in a tent!

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Ok, I’ll make this shortish – people keep asking us how we’re managing to do this amazing adventure and the truth is we’re not millionaires, we haven’t won tatts lotto and a rich aunty hasn’t passed away and left us all her loot!

We’re actually working as we go.  In fact we’ve managed to take some of the same tasks we were doing at home and turn them into purely digital activities, such as: one on one mentoring via Skype and group coaching calls for local business via GoToMeeting.  Both of these activities involve us helping small businesses to grow in the digital space.  Today we ran out first “tent webinar” for our coaching club.

I’d have to say it is a lot of fun mentoring and coaching small business over the web – we’ve even had one client go from not being found to being on the first page for particular search terms, because she joined our coaching club, listened to what we had to say and importantly took action!

We’ve also created another service called: Your Digital Marketing Department.  This is also going gang busters and resulting in clients getting tons more visitors to their sites over a few short months!

working on the road - simon and michelle

So thats the ‘what’ we’re doing, but the how is a little different – working on the road involves many interesting challenges, from little or no internet, to too many things to see and do, to no place quiet to work (coffee shops are not always great) and finally to needing to get the kids out and about.  Its a balancing act really, finding time to really enjoy the adventure we’re on and finding the time to service our clients!  However, we do have a secret weapon that everyone can employ in their business – that is leverage..  You see we have 3 full time staff in the Philippines and we out task to various other countries when its needed.

Basically we have set up strategies where we leverage our time – in other words, we don’t have to ‘do’ everything – we have support.  Yes we need to work a little on making it a smoother processes but nothing is perfect.

Now when asked how we are doing what we’re doing we can say, we have a fabulous team that works with us from all over the world, making it possible for us to live the life we dreamed of – to Work, Travel, Live and Learn!  Thanks team you rock!



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