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Vietnam war problem with America?

Vietnam war problem with America?

By on Nov 10, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh, Travel experiences, Travel with kids, Work and travel | 1 comment


While we’re in Vietnam we decided to learn a bit about about its history, we found the museums and the war tunnels (Cu Chi tunnels) the best places to find this information.  We found them all very anti-American.

Almost every sentence in one of the videos at the war tunnels had something about killing Americans and about how the Americans were killers and things like that.  But the Vietnamese created these deadly murderous traps that weren’t very nice either – big deadly spikes with poison tips, doorways with swinging spike that would fly out at you as soon as you opened the door, land mines and spike mines too, like the mine wasn’t enough.

So the Americans are not the only killers, just participating in a war on the battle field instantly makes you a killer or you’ll just die trying to become a killer.

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    Hi Ben – loved reading your blog. War is a terrible thing and there’s really no winners are there? It’d be great if our world could be at peace with everyone! You would be meeting some great and friendly people from all over the world with differing cultures, religions and beliefs, but I bet most of them are still really friendly and kind aren’t they?

    Take care
    Love Bev x

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