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Video Games ( this is mainly aimed towards parents who don’t like/understand video games )

Video Games ( this is mainly aimed towards parents who don’t like/understand video games )

By on Aug 5, 2015 in Family, Life Lessons | 1 comment


Over the past week I have been having a great time here in this house mostly due to there being a variety of video games ranging from call of duty to Lego Harry Potter and I know most of you that are reading this are going to be adults and while most of you do like video games some of you do not like/do not understand video games. Oh and by the way I know that adults in their 20’s and 30’s most likely will like video games more due to this being more of what they grew up with and I also know older adults did grow up with video games but no where near as much developed as if you were born in say, 1989/26 years old anyway you get the idea.

Some or most of you are probably wondering what the hell I’m going on about. What I’m trying to say is that this is the 21st century and technology is starting to get ridiculous we are starting to achieve feats at a record breaking rate and saying that, around 20% or more of these feats have been video game related from outstanding HD graphics to a sort of virtual reality with a game like oculus rift. So if you have a son or a daughter who is in to video games why don’t you sit down with them and try it out for yourself and ask them why they like the particular game and even if you still don’t like/don’t understand video games spend a 30 minutes to an hour of your child’s favourite video game and try to find and compare the dislikes and likings you have to the game and once again consult your kid and see their answer to the question as well. Oh and while your at it go ahead and try out another one of your child’s video games you may be surprised in what you find out about yourself. Wether it is that you have a particular knack to one of the games or that you just quite enjoy video games.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks weekly blog where I tell you about some of the cool things that happen in my life. And don’t just reject video games because of some bull someone told you wether it was on the news or some one you know.

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    Hmm this post appears to be directed towards me your very old father who is much older than 26 the current age you suggest an adult would be interested in video games.

    I actually hate video games with a passion. I hate them because playing them actually makes me feel unwell. The movement, flashing images and hand eye coordination makes me like throwing up. Probably because I didn’t start play the games you play at an age similar to yours. My older brain has difficulties processing the games two dimensional environment in a three dimensional way.

    But I also dislike the way you and your brothers sit in a dark room in a virtual vegetated state playing them. The only movement I witness is the movement of your eyes and finger accompanied by repeated phrases, chirps and semi gibberish conversation. A vocabulary you seem to understand but might as well be a foreign language to me.

    I understand that you get an adrenaline rush from the faster more violent games and that you use your intellect to solve the puzzles and out manovour your opponents. You have learn a lot about the real world from video games including some good science, language, tactics and history. However you have also learn a lot of fantasiful ideas and less than desirable behaviour. Ideas that until recently were the domain of much older adults and people with serious antisocail behaviour. Behaviour the baby boomer generation, my generation, was not generally exposed. So in my opinion these things are not normal and I worry about you and your siblings being exposed to these, either before your time or even at all.

    Now I sound like my Grandparents who were seriously concerned about their grandchild (me) being to liberal minded and exposed to Rock music with its racy lyrics and loud shouting noise.

    My parents felt the same way about TV’s, Walkmans and phones as I was growing up. It’s part of the humans condition and the result of progress. The younger generation adopt the new ideas and technology more easily than the previous generation. But you have to remember that the previous generation survived without the new tech and ideas and therefore see very little advantage in investing time and effort pursuing them.

    Putting the ideas, violence and antisocial behaviour aside my may main concern is your lack of movement. The human body works best if its moving and standing. It was designed to run, swim, walk, eat and be enjoyed by the human inside. The addictive nature of video gaming sees you and your siblings spending hours doing very little with your body.

    There is so much more to be gained by spending the time you currently a lot to video games actually exploring the real world, making stuff and using your body in ways your avatar can only dream. It’s the reason why you are with us on this Up Sticks and Go journey. If we had though playing video games was good for you we would have stayed at home.

    Perhaps we should have left the iDevices behind.


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