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Up Sticks N Go Adventure

We have a plan, well an adventure really to achieve a dream – travel the world with 3 of our kids, work and try to stay fit. Even as I write this it seems almost impossible, so we’ve given ourselves 11 months to plan a 12 month trip around the world.. (Update: 18 month adventure!)

This is how our endeavour was described recently:

“An adventurous family of five seek to create a new normal – proving to families that a travelling lifestyle can be achieved without financial loss whilst also educating their children with valuable global perspectives.”

On this website you can follow along as we go through all the nitty gritty planning and hopefully help you cut some corners planning your own adventure and even help you believe that it is possible to take your family out of the “mainstream” and develop your own adventure.

The plan – (July 2014 – a bit of Australia) August 2014 – July 2015 = Up Sticks N Go Adventure around the world!  Update – we’re now not planning to go back to Australia until at least December 2015 and if Simon has his way it’ll be longer!

To stay for one month in 8-10 countries, with the travel time between countries making a year of travel. Why stay for a month in each country? That way we can have some sense of a base each month for the kids, spend a couple of days a week working and the kids can do some school work..

Just one of the challenges we’re setting ourselves – to upload a short video for our adventure EVERY DAY – that right every day – so there’ll be 365 video at least when we complete our journey – Update: videos haven’t been as often as one a day – but there have been at least 1 if not 3 or 4 a week 🙂

Who are we

The Frost family from Launceston, Tasmania.

Simon & Michelle FrostSimon & Michelle – mum and dad

We work together in two online businesses – one is a training and consulting business (Michon International) for local small and medium businesses and the other a web-design business (SMiK Web Design).  Thanks to a fabulous virtual team, we will be running both of these businesses ‘on the road’.

We also like to run the odd marathon and hope to pick a few up while we are away.

Natasha (Tash) FrostNatasha (Tash) – oldest kid on the road

Tash will be 14 years old during most of our traveling year, she looking forward to many things including Paris and because of her love of drama, seeing a few big stage shows.


ben school busBenjamin (Ben) – oldest boy on the road

Ben will be 12-13 years old during our traveling year, he wants to see the building thats leaning over and really wants to visit as many theme parks as he can.


Sebastian FrostSebastian (Seb) – youngest boy on the road

Seb will be 10-11 years old during our traveling year, he is just super excited about the idea of not going to school for a whole year because he says he always learns more when we are traveling than when he’s at school!


So really this is a two year adventure – 1 year to plan and 1 year to travel! Update: 1.5 years to travel!