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Travel Vaccinations – They Hurt!

Travel Vaccinations – They Hurt!

By on Jun 4, 2014 in Health, Travel planning | 0 comments


Today, Simon and the kids had their travel vaccinations (I’m having mine next week).  The kids had to have two – one in each arm and Simon had to have just one.  However by the look on his face and the comments about how sore his arm is you would of thought that he had, had two needles like the kids!

simons needle - ouch

The needles are especially for the Asian countries that we are heading to and stop things like diphtheria, Hep A and B, Typhoid and tetanus.  Plus we have prescriptions to fill for malaria tablets (doxycycline), which we need a heap of – 1 everyday starting two before we get there and continuing for two weeks after we leave.  So thats approx 46 tablets each just so we can visit Lombok and avoid the serious repercussions of getting malaria.

Health wise we have also talked to our doctor about our ongoing medicines and there availability as we travel, mine can only be issued for 6 months at a time, so I will need to seek out a doctor at that stage and acquire a script (we should be in Europe by then so it shouldn’t too difficult).  This is something you should think about if you have a regular medication and wish to travel for an extended period of time.

P.S. Oh and the travel vaccinations are not cheap BUT pretty important – listen to your doctors advice on what you need to stay safe!

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