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Travel Photography – does every photo need to be perfect

Travel Photography – does every photo need to be perfect

By on Apr 11, 2015 in Photo Opportunity, Photography, Photography Lessons, Tech Tips, Travel tips | 0 comments


Lets start off by getting a couple of things clear. The UpSticksNGo crew have no special photographic skills and we don’t use equipment that cost an arm and leg. We do carry one SLR camera but it seldom leaves it’s carry bag.  It’s heavy, bulky, conspicuous and we really don’t know how to use it properly.  We did consider sending it back to Australia but the telephoto lens is useful and its a great camera to use on a tripod for long exposure shots. 

But the best camera for travel is the one you have with you. I know you have heard that before but it really is true. We find the iPhone is an exceptionally good camera for travelling. Its light, quick on the draw and most importantly close by when you need it.  Does the iPhone give you the best quality highest resolution image every time? Is the exposure alway correct and the focus crisp? Of course they are not, the iPhone is a point and shoot cameras with an amazingly small lens. It can’t possibly complete against the expensive large aperture cameras on a technical or image quality level. But it is there when you need it. You don’t have to haul it out, remove lens caps, adjust focus, check setting and then finally frame the image. You just select camera mode, aim, frame and shoot.  Does and image need to be perfect

So does every photo have to be perfect. For us the answer is NO our travel photography doesn’t have to be perfect. We are journaling our adventure so the stories is more important than the quality of the photos. Our viewing audience want to know how we are going, what we are doing, the issues we face and the places we have visited. The images are a vehicle to convey that information quickly with only a few words.

But that’s not the whole story.  We also want more people to follow the UpSticksNGo adventure and photographs are one of the ways we attract followers.  We find that the better quality images do attract more people and receive better engagement. As a result we have concentrated our efforts to improve the quality of the photographs we publish by reading more on the subject and through a lot of trial and error.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a series of post detailing the photographic techniques we are using to get the best out of our iPhone cameras.  Michelle and I use iPhone 5S cameras and we both have developed methods and techniques to get those special images and we want to share what we have learn so others can capture their travel moments and proudly share them with friends and family.

We are Apple iPhone fans, no surprise there, we love the consistent quality of the iPhone 5s camera. We also love the amazing  photo applications available to shoot, edit and publish our photos on the move. So these will be iPhone specific tutorials but most of the techniques will be transferable to all point and shoot cameras.

Look out for “The best camera for travelling is the iPhone in your pocket“, the first post in the series.




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