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How do we travel indefinitely around the world with three kids?

How do we travel indefinitely around the world with three kids?

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How do we do this?  How do we travel the world indefinitely with three of our kids?

We’re asked this all time as we travel, how can you afford to travel for so long with (or without) your kids?

Then we have to answer – No, we didn’t win Tattslotto, nor did a distance relative die and leave us a lot of money and we’re not from rich families!  We are just like you – a normal family who decided to try something different!

The one thing we may have that you don’t, is a business that we can run from anywhere in the world as long as we have an Internet connection.  Its this business that ensures that money keeps coming in and we can keep traveling.  The truth about traveling is that once you start it can even be cheaper than living at home – it certainly is for us at the moment.  Mind you, on the verge of heading to Europe, that statement may be put to the test 🙂  

The reality is that we’re learning to adapt!  We already have a house sitting job in France for a few weeks and then we’re off to stay with family in Paris and then a friend in Spain – oh and I’ve been scoring Air B N B for some good deals in Greece!

After we explain what we’re doing people say ‘you’re so lucky’… 

Actually we’re not lucky, it’s taken a lot of planning and more importantly, a lot of action to get us here – realising a dream – to travel the world with our kids while we work..  We’re mostly doing this for our family but we also get very excited about inspiring others to follow their dreams, no matter what they are!

So thanks for coming along for the journey, its great to have you here!!


P.S.  In a couple of days we’re launching a podcast – an online radio-show – we’ll be talking about running a business online..  It’ll basically be a digital marketing podcast.  If you have a business this may be just what you need to grow your business using the web, so check it out.  We’re calling it Frost Bites 🙂

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