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Torino Italy to Alessandria Italy

Torino Italy to Alessandria Italy

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August 14 - Day Five Torino Italy to Alessandria Italy

Simon's little rant for today


Loved Torino

After a hair raising drive around the city centre we finally found a park and played tourist for a few hours, enjoyed a coffee and walking through the streets of Torino

Auchan super mart in Torino. Biggest supermarket I've ever seen. Had a whole isle of gluten free. 

Road side lunch by the river of Italian salami, Italian cream cheese and my gluten free corn bread with a hot coffee make on the gas fire.  

( Strada pranzo lato dal fiume di salame italiano, crema di formaggio italiano e il mio pane fresco senza glutine di mais gratuito con un caffè caldo fanno sul fuoco a gas.)

Spontaneous piano accordion performances by Italian men. Man and wife just rocked up to our lunch spot and pulled out a piano accordion and played for an hour. Lovely  



The juxtapose between the haves and have nots in Torino.

We stayed in a hostel on the outskirts of Torino in the Olympic. Great accommodation and very modern. Of the numerous building created for the Olympic several were being used by immigrant squatters, from Africa.

We found it a little disconcerting at first because of the obvious presence of the police and military. After talking to the lady running the hostel she informed us that the squatters often fought between them selves because they came from different parts of Africa with different culture and were forced to live closely together which caused friction between them. The police were there to keep the the fighting under control.

We still emptied everything out of the car including the car radio just in case they though there might be anything of value hidden within. I checked the car several times that night to make sure it was still where I left it but all was good and the night very peaceful.




Spend a week in the heart of Torino. Doing coffee, lunch and dinner in the open air during summer and just sauntering around the streets and museums 

Torino bridge near our Hostel
walking through the porticos

Michelle's take on the day


Torino City Centre - Magic

We spent the morning walking around and exploring the centre of Torino (Turin) and it was gorgeous - so much to see and do.  It wasn't on display the day we were there, but this is where the the Shroud of Turin comes from.

The buildings and the city squares were fabulous to explore.  We got to see a lot of the city centre streets as we searched for a car park - we may have ventured up a couple of one way streets, the wrong way!  

Not a great environment for the hostel

The Torino hostel where we stayed was located in the old Olympic village, which was great accept that a number of the apartment buildings housed swatting immigrants with no job who just wandered around all day.  

In the end they didn't bother us at all, but Simon didn't feel confident enough to leave the car with any of our gear in it!  He even took the radio out as a deterrent for would be thieves!  The lady at the hostel also advised us not to leave any thing visible in the car.

Need lots more time in Torino

If I get the chance I would like to explore Torino a lot more.  In just the short time we were in the city centre I fell in love with Italy!


Natasha's whine for the day


Just give me a book!

The best bit about today was probably my reading. I just finished a book yesterday and since we've been doing nothing today I'm already halfway through my new one - it does help that its a really good book though. I have this bad habit of going to the last page and reading the last sentence, I don't know why I do it, but it almost always ruins the ending so I must not do it this time. 

I really like this book, I love it when book can make you feel emotions, can make you laugh, give you butterflies, make you feel nervous and apprehensive, make you produce a smile so big that you think your face is going to break in half and that's what this book is doing for me. 

The authors got this way of writing, fast paced but at the same time slow enough that you're not getting dragged away or feeling exhausted from the effort of keeping up with all the drama, she puts in just the right amount of action and romance coupled with just enough mystery that it's hard to put the book down. 

She also has a way of really bring the character and scenes to life, she gives you such great mental images that you feel like you're actually there watching the story unfold. 

It's riveting and exciting no I just can't get enough.

Dads wasn't too bad today

Today, hmmm, there wasn't really anything bad about today. The boys kept singing this weird song they found on YouTube the whole day. The drive was also really short so we didn't spend very much time in the car, I guess dad got a bit angry today, mostly because of the boys singing that song while dad was trying to drive through the streets of Torino with mums navigation. 

I honestly don't think dad was that bad, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible, I don't know what else to say. 

More books please..

Probably to get more books, I'm almost out. 

I've got like three more books to read and they're all one series so in hoping that they all run smoothly together. I've also heard that they're really good soooooo, if they're as good as I've been told then I should get sucked right into the mythical world and I'll probably end up reading them too fast. Oops. 

Mons Grand Place
Underpass in Mons

Benjamin has his say


Torino's amazing buildings

What I liked today was seeing all of the amazing buildings in Torino, they just look so grand!

Packing was a pain...

What I didn't like about today was all of the packing in the morning due to dad being sceptical about the area - I mean I wouldn't blame him, it was a pretty dodgy environment.

Back to Torino

And what I would like to do again is go back to Torino at some stage cause it is so amazing, I'd like to spend more time there.

Seb's Thoughts


Lunch near a bridge

My favourite part today was having lunch in a small park next to a river and a bridge - it was cool and Ben and I got to run around a lot!


Too hot in the car again

I found the car too hot again today.

Look around Torino

I would like to come back to Torino and have a bigger look around.


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