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Time with the kids – thats the best bit

Time with the kids – thats the best bit

By on Jul 23, 2014 in Distance Education, Family, Teaching on the Road, Travel with kids | 0 comments


Its been over a month since we left home, so I have been reflecting about why we’re doing this and what it all means to our family?

The main thing that I’ve been dwelling on is the effect it is having on us as a unit, a family unit.  At the moment its pretty much just the five of us every day exploring where we are and working together.

In the last week we have started a bit of school work for the kids – although we have plenty of formal stuff to give them we decided to use what was around us.  The house we are renting has a number of books in it – So the three kids have chosen one book each to do a report on (including drawings).  There is a book on Mozart, a book on Winston Churchill and a book on Western Australia.  Watching them read and then discuss amongst them selves what they are learning from their books has been fascinating – reminds me a bit of my time teaching!  They have all pulled some very interesting facts out of their books.

We plan for them to swap books three times so they all have a chance to find out their own “facts” about each book.  We’ve also talked about where in the world we will need to go to find out more about Winston Churchill and Mozart.  As a result they are already primed for our adventures in these countries!

While taking them on a nearby cave tour we noticed how interested they all appeared and the clever questions they asked of the guide.  We carried those questions on after we finished the tour to solidify some of their learning – I think we’ll get them to do a report or publish some thing about what they learnt in the caves!

So after just a month I think we are all feeling closer and rather than getting impatient with each-other we’re developing more understanding of each persons needs and moods..  Its fabulous to have the time to get to know your children better!


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