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This week with Popsie and Roko

This week with Popsie and Roko

By on Aug 5, 2015 in Norwich, Travel with kids | 0 comments


This week we’ve been looking after Popsie and Roko (Amanda’s two cute dogs).  Apart from that we haven’t been doing much the week but we did go out and look at dragons, and did some other things in town.

The day that we saw the dragons we went in to town – they have this fundraiser on where they put lots and lots of dragons (it was gorillas last year) around the town.  They have all been painted with amazing colours and pictures.  We tried to see all of them but only saw like 46/80 dragons in the couple of weeks we were staying around Norwich.

This is what we did that day – first we got in the car and we drove to town and went to find the first dragon. After finding like 5 dragons we found a mall that had lots of dragons in it and out side of it.  After finding all of them we had like 16 dragons. Then we went down to a market and got some fries for lunch then we went  down to a coffee shop to have a drink.

When Tash, Ben and I got bored we wanted to go to the pound shop so we got a pound each and went to the pound shop while mum and dad had a look at some more dragons. When we got to the pound shop we got 2 packs of chips 1 pack of pop corn and a big pack of gobstopes. Then we had to find our way to the car so we had walk to the top of the mall to find that the car was at the bottom of the mall.

Once we found the car we sat in it until mum and dad came and we left.

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