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This is my last day in Spain.

This is my last day in Spain.

By on Mar 4, 2015 in Favourite Spots, Spain, Travel with kids | 1 comment


Things we did:
Played Darts
Did 8 ball Trick shots
Went to IKEA
Walked the dog
Went to the beach
Looked at a Cathedral
Watch towers
Went inside some big Canons
Learned Juggling – first time with 3 balls
Went Shopping
Bought New runners and skate shoes
Cut some wood for a fire
Went to Markets
Had fun at a Medieval market
Tried Archery
Watched People juggling
Watched an Acrobat
Looked at swords
Visited a Monastery
Played frisbee
Played Hide and seek in IKEA
played 8 ball
Looked for some tricky geocaches
Saw some funny sand stone shapes
Watched lots of movies
Walked in a dry river bed
Watched two carnivals
Went paddling in the sea

Foods we ate:
Ice cream
English breakfast
Lots of different desserts

Best bit:

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    Good work Seb, I enjoyed it very much. I know you will love England too.

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