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Things can change on a dime

Things can change on a dime

By on Nov 2, 2015 in Beach Life, Greens Beach, Sea Change, Tasmania, Teaching on the Road, Travel | 5 comments


We’re sitting in a transit lounge in the Abu Dhabi airport while the kids catchup up on some sleep – on the floor at our feet…

Just a week ago we had no intention of heading back to Australia until June 2016 and yet here we are almost half way home.. Wow, things can change quickly!

Why have we changed our plans, well thats a little complicated – it wasn’t just one thing but a combination of things which have us traveling back to Australia 8 months early!

In the last week Simon and I had a car accident each – neither of us has had an accident in 10 – 15 years.  Simons was a very minor accident that was rapidly escalating into a big argument with the owner of the other car who was trying to extort a couple of thousand out of us.  Where as my accident was a little more serious with a young lady speeding through an intersection where she should have stopped.  The result was her car being rather messed up and ours with only minor damage.  She was also 3 months pregnant which complicated matters.

As foreign drivers we found it very difficult to purchase anything but third party insurance, and this left us feeling rather vulnerable.  We did a lot of research and talked with a lawyer to get advise but no one could tell us exactly what to expect – there were just too many unknowns.  So now we had two accidents to resolve but no clear path to do so and our stress levels were at an unhealthy level – finally we felt the universe was definitely trying to tell us something!

It’s funny, when you decide to drive on Italian roads people tell you to watch out for the Italian drivers, which we took with a gain of salt.  But after 10 weeks on the roads in Italy I would have to say they are rather dangerous.  Certainly after our accidents we were hyper aware of their speed, erratic maneuvers, interesting parking solutions and general irresponsible road behaviour.  We’ve been on roads in many parts of the world but Italian drivers are one of a kind.

While I’m writing this it doesn’t seem like a fantastic reason to head back to Australia – just a couple of minorish car accidents – but there were a few other things that just added up.  Like very slow internet which was making our business and the kids schooling very difficult, our car had been broken into a few weeks earlier leaving a bad taste in our mouths and our home owner had changed her plan and was living only 25 minutes away and popping over other on the weekends – none of these things were game changes but they all added up to us making the difficult decision to return to Australia.

On a very positive and exciting note – we are not returning to our house because it’s leased until September next year!  This means we will continue to live our freedom lifestyle at a family beach house in Tasmania.  To say we’re excited about this is an understatement – for every cloud there is a silver lining – this is definitely our silver lining.  Living at the beach just as summer starts in Australia, how awesome!  The beach house is about 50k from the kids school so for the rest of the year at least they’ll be attending eschool online – next year we’ll have to decide whether traveling 2 hours a day to school and back is going to work for us all.

Our journey is not over just yet, it’s changed from Italian countryside to Australian beach!  Look out for loads of pictures and updates from the beach 🙂

Life is good (at the beach ;-))..

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    welcome back to our little island paradise.

    • avatar

      Thanks Evelyn – it sure is like no other place! Very special spot we all have here 🙂

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    Welcome home to our lovely little island paradise! Where better to be than the beach for Summer?

    We’re glad to have you back, and I think we’ll be heading to the beach to visit quite a bit 🙂 🙂 xx

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      Can’t wait for summer at the beach 🙂 And looking forward to your frequent visits – maybe bring the tent? X

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    Hi Michelle & Simon, what a time you have had. Do hope things are sorting out.


    Jenny Whenn
    Bridport Innovations Inc.

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