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The value of like minded people

The value of like minded people

By on Jun 30, 2015 in Lisbon, Online Business | 0 comments



I’m writing this on the plane heading back to the UK from Lisbon, Portugal.  Simon and the kids stayed in the UK to look after our current house sitting charges (3 poodles), while I attended a mastermind retreat for people who are designing a freedom lifestyle. The retreat was put on by the suitcase entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson and we had to expert speakers – Matthew Kimberley and Osmaan Sharif.  They were all fabulous and imparted useful information to all of us seeking to create more freedom in our lives.

The best part of the retreat for me was the attendees – this was a small intimate retreat with only 11 people/businesses. We networked/supported/explored and generally had a great time together.  Achieving this sort of connection with fellow attendees in quite difficult in large events…  We had a hot seat each where we all worked on each other’s businesses tapping into the vast knowledge in the room to brain storm possible solutions.  This kind of activity has a way of solidifying a group into a team as we all work together with a common goal – to find the best solution possible for each businesses issues.  This contribution means we feel connected not just to the person but to the success of that business as we all become cheer leaders for each other’s businesses, if you like!

Going forward we will be staying in touch and continue to support each other as we all work towards our freedom business goals with the knowledge that we have a team of people around to support us if we need it!  After all, many minds are better than just one 🙂 

When you have an opportunity to participate in an intimate event with like minded people I suggest you grab it – then you, like me will make new friends and grow your support network enriching both your business and your personal life!

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