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The storm

The storm

By on Sep 15, 2015 in Formello, Italy, Travel with kids | 0 comments


On Sunday this week we got up and we had breakfast and then did some work.

But then mum and dad said it would be a good idea for us to go for a walk.  So when we got outside we started walking and we saw a big storm ahead but mum and dad: “it will be fine” they said.

So we went on and walked down the hill.  We went past a power line as Tash: “I saw lightning” she said.  So we went on and dad took us the hard way down, which meant we had to go in the river but it didn’t have water in it…. Yet!

When we got to the park we walked down the path as everyone else was leaving and I think I knew then.  But we went on and we got to the water fall that we really came out to see. Then as we where walking back it started raining harder and harder until it started to thunder and lightning.

It was very loud but all mum and dad cared about was.. You guessed it there phones.  So while they were doing that they sent us to go find things to help the keep the rain off there phones when we got to the road we stopped under a tree and the things we found weren’t good a enough.  Eventually, I was the saver of there phones because I found a chip packet that was very good at keeping them dry.

Then it stopped raining while we were walking up the hill back to the house and that’s the story called the storm! Ben and I made a cool Youtube channel called backwards productions please subscribe.

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