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The Paradise Pack

The Paradise Pack

By on May 31, 2015 in Location Independent Business, Travel | 0 comments


This is not something I’ve done before however as so many of you are actually interested in doing a little travel your selves I decided that today I would tell you about a promotion that starts in just a few hours and only lasts for 7 days 🙂

Its called the Paradise Pack, it contains a bunch of cool products to help you to travel the world cheaper and even make some money as you do (if you so desire).  The pack is full of fantastic products from people all over the world who are experts in different areas of travel.

This is an annual sale – we purchased the pack last year and we loved it.  It helped us in many of the aspects of our current travel situation, like the house sitting advise from Jodie and Nat, the flying advice from Adam Seper, location independent coaching from Natalie Sisson and how to make money from Air BnB, its all here in the pack.

And one other thing I forgot to mention – this year we’re humbled to be in it too!  Teaching people how to create a digital product they can sell online and make an income as they travel!  How awesome is that 🙂

If you decide to buy the Paradise Pack and pick up over $1800 worth of amazing travel information products, you should also know that 10% of the profits go to an amazing charity called “Pencils of Promise” which helps under privileged kids get an education!

So go check it out: Paradise Pack and come travel with us 🙂 X

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