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The last few days

The last few days

By on Feb 24, 2015 in Spain, Travel with kids, Work and travel | 0 comments


So I guess I’ll start on the 20 of February – 4 days ago.

20 Feb

We didn’t really do much today because we had to work on school and upstickngo but in the afternoon we went to a cheap really nice Chinese banquet that also has a chocolate fountain in it, so it a pretty cool place

21 Feb

The next day Seb, Tash, Keavy and I walked 3.5 km to the next village to have an English sort of breakfast and to walk up to an old fort on a cliff face, with some amazing views.  In the afternoon we went to a nearby city called Aguilas  to watch their amazing, colourful carnival which is actually a parade that is done because next month is lent.  Lent is the month before Easter when you’re not supposed to party or eat a lot – so the carnival is about is the last chance to party and eat a lot before lent comes and takes all that away. Anyway the carnival was very pretty and colourful, well worth the wait, because there are so many floats and so many different groups.

22 Feb

So the next day Seb went to the grown ups to the market – Seb went because he wanted shoes, I stayed home with Tash because we really had no reason to go, besides it turns out most of it was  closed due to strong winds. When they got back Seb had new shoes and dad  was excited to get us down to the beach because he thought it would be warm enough to swim – when we got down there we played a bit of frisbee and then jumped into the water.  Well actually the only one who jumped in was dad either because he is really determined or a bit crazy in the head because it was freezing! Seb and I only got up to our knees we we ended up just playing more frisbee.

23 Feb

On this day we drove up to the big gun fort that is also on the side of a cliff but on the way up we went to the nearby mountain which was one of the mountains with the big Telegraph poll on it.  It also had some amazing views, but my favourite view out of the views was the one looking down on Isla Plana and Port Mazarron which is right next to the Mediterranean Sea.  So at the fort there are some really big guns that can shoot up to 20 km out to sea and it also looks like a castle but I think the most fun bit about it is that there are lots of dark tunnels you can explore but I recommend bringing a head torch, no wait a few head torches.  We even got to climb up in to the big guns and see all of the mechanisms used to control the gun.  But the guns are not the only amazing thing at the fort – it’s the views it’s always the views to me, they are the most amazing things you could ever see.

So that was the last few days of my life that I wanted to share with you and I hope you enjoyed reading them too.

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