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The house in Formello Italy

The house in Formello Italy

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When we got to our house sit in Italy, which is in a small village called Formello, we were introduced to the family and then we went inside to have a look around.

I like the house because it is very nice and it had a little place in the middle (court yard) that was cool. On the top floor the the house went round the middle.

In the house they have 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. The 6 bathrooms: 1 for Ben and I – it has a shower, a bath, 2 taps, bidet and toilet.  Mums bathroom has the same as Ben and I but it has a dresser in it too.  Dads bathroom has the same but it has a urinal.  Upstairs there is also a little kids bathroom for their 3 year old daughter – its normal.

Downstairs Tash’s bathroom is also normal, but it’s a ensuite. Finally there is a guest toilet down stairs with just a toilet and sink – its a bit lonely 🙁

The 6 bed rooms: My bed room has lots of shelves and it has a desk so I can do my school work.  Bens room has again lots of shelves and a desk.  Mum and Dads room has a big bed, a desk, a big big big walk in wardrobe. Upstairs there is also a little kids room which has some shelves and a cot bed.

Downstairs Tash’s room has the normal things but her desk is next to the window and it is downstairs – Tash likes it because it is downstairs.  The 6th room is in anther part of the house that is mostly locked up because it has the owners office desk and a big bed in it – Richard stays there sometimes.

We have one cat to look after. The cats name is Ottavio…. He is a cute black and white cat that is playful and loves pats.

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