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The British country side is awesome

The British country side is awesome

By on Apr 4, 2015 in Favourite travel moments, Travel, Travel experiences, Travel tips, Travel with kids, United Kingdom | 1 comment


The British country side is (although most days it has been raining) an amazing bright and colourful place with all the green meadows sheep with there lambs and occasionally there is a snowy hill top.

It also feels a lot similar to the country side in Tasmania, green meadows occasionally you see snow (on mountains) and lots of farm animals.

Oh and there are these dry stone walls that stretch all the way across the country side over the meadows Down into the valleys and past the forests but thing about dry stone walls is that they don’t use any thing to keep them in place so they are just balancing and have been doing so For hundreds of years.

I’ve also seen these things called bridle  ways which are spread out over the country. Their lengths vary from 100 meters to more than 1 km long and you can find them everywhere – the main use for brideways is for people to ride horses through them but they are also used as public walk ways oh and the bridle ways. Also include great views of the British countryside and you can actually get a better view of the farm animals and the dry stone walls via the bridle ways too.

So those are basically the reason I think the British countryside is pretty awesome!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post.

Until next time!!



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    Hey Ben, I still find your writing interesting and colourful. Just watch the CApItAL letter placement and …………FULL STOPS……. Reread your work!

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