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The best camera for travelling is the iPhone in your pocket

The best camera for travelling is the iPhone in your pocket

By on Apr 17, 2015 in Photo Opportunity, Photography, Photography Lessons, Tech Tips | 0 comments


The UpSticksNGo and go crew are very Apple centric, we really love our iPhones, iPads,  Mac book pros etc. We have carried a selection of Apples devices all around the world. They work every time we turn them on and last a lot longer than similar competitors models.

The device we use the most is the iPhone but we seldom make a call.  The iPhone is our travel camera and video recorder. We have taken thousands of photos and published a fair percentage of those shots on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest. We attempt to create at least two videos a week which we publish on YouTube. I had ambitions of publishing one a day but the lack of high speed internet in many places we have visited made a video a day rather ambitious.

So why is the iPhone the best camera for traveling? I’d love to say it’s because of the super high quality images and how easy it operates. Which are all great reasons but it’s the fact that it’s close by and easy to access that makes it the truly best camera.

iPhone-5-and a canon

It’s smaller than a SLR with a 35 mm lens by a mile and is only a fractions of the weight. In fact the iPhone is  smaller and lighter than most compact cameras and I’d have to say many of the smartphones we see fellow traveller carrying.  It’s weight and size means it fits in your pocket or nestles comfortably in your hand. So when that photo opportunity presents itself it’s right there with you.

As travellers we are aware that we will be taking photos regularly but we are not on a photo shoot. We don’t carry around all the paraphernalia of a professional photographer and we don’t necessarily have the time to pose photos or arrange props or achieve the perfect position.  We walk and sometimes run into a location assess the photo opportunities at the time, snap what we can and then move on.

To get the best shot in these situations we often take many images or use the iPhone’s burst mode to capture that special moment. The iPhone has an amazing amount of memory. We can capture thousands of 8 megapixel images and hours of video before needing to download or back the images up. As a result we go for days traveling and recording our adventure before we need to think about memory space.

Just knowing we have a camera with us means we take pictures.  If we had to get a camera from the car or out of a bag and then lug it around we probably wouldn’t bother. We know this because we have an SLR in our kit and given the choice between lugging it around on a day excursion or just pocketing an iPhone its very simple.  We leave the SLR at home as it unlikely we pull it out of the case in time to make the shot.

With so much going on around us the speed with which we can get a camera out and capture a shot is important. The operation speed of the iPhone camera really helps. The slide to reveal the camera function and its default photo setting means we can draw activate and shot in under a second. We don’t always capture every spontaneous shot as finger fumbles are common but we have captured some amazing spur of the moment images.

Just adding up physical size, memory size and speed of operation means that the iPhone is a great travel camera but its the close proximity of our iPhone that make it the best camera for travel.

Next post in the travel photo series will be “How to take a better iPhone travel photo




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