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Take on a Challenge

Take on a Challenge

By on Jun 21, 2015 in Life Lessons, Online Business, Work and travel | 0 comments


Many people think our adventure around the world is a challenge, but now we’re out here it doesn’t feel like much of a challenge – in fact its just our lives right now!  It did feel like a challenge in the beginning but as everyday has been about travel and exploring new places, it no longer feels that way… Interesting…  Don’t get me wrong we do have many challenges just like everyone – from making sure theres enough money in the bank to finding reasonably priced accommodation (or house sits) to ensuring the kids are doing enough school work!

What I have come to realise is that challenging yourself is good, its how we grow, how we make positive changes in our lives.  Its only when we get a little uncomfortable, as I talked about here, that we grow as humans and lead enriched lives!

Recently I’ve taken on many work challenges to help grow our space online and push our boundaries a bit!  We’ve started and now almost finished a free 3 webinar series to help people create and sell a digital product.  And in the last week I accepted a challenge to create a short video every day for thirty days and post it online!  Rather than just make random videos I’ve decided to make them useful to others (and to myself), and create a video series – 30 tips to help improve your motivation – one tip a day for 30 days!  I’m posting them on our Podcast website, Get Frost Bites.  So if you’re interested, come and play along – love to hear how you motivate yourself on those days when you don’t feel like doing any thing at all?

And I have a challenge for you, if you’re brave enough! …

Start a 30 day challenge of your own that will push you a little everyday – it doesn’t have to be something scary, just a little out of your comfort zone – after 5 days, talking on video already feels less scary than on day one 🙂

Choose something that you’ve always wanted to do, learn or create.  The secret is doing something every day – make it a habit by consistently showing up for your “challenge”.  If its easier for you, find a like minded group and do the challenge together, it will help you keep focused.

Then let us know how you go?

Off you go, go get a little uncomfortable and start living the life you dream about 🙂

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