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Last week we went to Stonehenge with Nikki, we had a great time there and Learnt lots about how it was made, what it was for and who made it – lots of things like that, so I thought I’d tell you a few things I learned.

Stonehenge was made by Neolithic people who were the humans of the Neolithic period (who would have guessed) which lasted for about 8,000 years from 10,000bc to about 2,000bc.

Neolithic people started the construction of Stonehenge around  3,000bc and finish around 2,000bc.  So taking around 1,000 years to build mainly due to the fact that it was built in stages and back then they only just started to break free from the Stone Age and into the Bronze Age so no they did not have cranes or fork lifts or any big machinery like that (who would have thought) – they had things like ropes and logs and lots and lots of muscle so they could drag and heave the rocks from all around the country, from places like Wales and Pembrokeshire. If you would like to see how the Stonehenge rocks might have been moved into place you can watch this video where a man raises a rock the same size as one from Stonehenge single handedly using a simple mechanism.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the people who made Stonehenge and how they did it as well.

Until next time

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