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Staying fit while you travel – harder than you think!

Staying fit while you travel – harder than you think!

By on Apr 4, 2015 in Life Lessons, Travel fitness | 3 comments


Before we left home we had an ideal picture in our heads of how our 18 months of travelling would be…

Guess what, most of what we thought was wrong!  Not always in a bad way and sometimes in a fantastic way!

But when it comes to our (mine and Simon’s) fitness, that hasn’t gone as originally planned.  We imagined we’d get up and go for a run most mornings – just hasn’t worked out, sometimes because of where we are and sometimes because of the weather and some times because we’re travel weary.

However on the days when we’ve made it through the door and down the road, its been awesome in an unfit kind of way 🙂  seeing your surroundings as you jog slowly around is an amazing way to experience a place.  You see more, go places that you probably wouldn’t have and get lost all the time 🙂  Its actually really cool and you get all the benefits of exercise.

With plans to return to Australia in just 9 months we really need to do things to get our fitness back so we have more jogging tourism planned (and yes the kids will have to come with us).  I believe the trick is to build routine into our ever changing environment – a bit like brushing your teeth, you do it everyday no matter where you go to bed 🙂

We miss our running buddies and races/marathons to train for – maybe at home these are the impetus to get us out the door!

Have you ever struggled to keep your fitness during an extended trip?

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Mum, wife, online geek girl, distance runner, adventurer etc. all rolled into one! My job is to make sure we all have clean clothes, food to eat and most importantly that we have a heap of awesome experiences to fill our memory banks!


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    It’s sometimes hard when you’re travelling – early bus rides, flights, ferries etc do impact on routine. BUT you can go for a run/walk anywhere and like you say you get to explore and see so much more of an area when you go for a run. 🙂

    Here’s a few tips: If you’re strapped for time (or stuck on a yacht with no way off for a few days :)) I do crunches, push ups, lunges, squats (every little bit helps), or just find a nearby hill and do some repeats, if it’s flat do some speed play for a few mins – even 15 mins helps with sanity and fitness! I try and squeeze it in at every opportunity. Now you’re in the UK why don’t you look out for a ParkRun in your area? Might give you a bit of motivation to be around other runners again? Keep having fun xxoo

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    We miss you too Michelle

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