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A State of Panic

A State of Panic

By on Jun 17, 2014 in Packing, Tasmanian House | 0 comments


In just three day we close the door on the house for the last time, start the Tarago and head for the ferry terminal in Devonport. A day or so later we will be in Queensland.

Queensland because we still have valid passes to the theme parks. Two days of fun and excitement then we head to Lismore to see our Son, his partner and hopefully their two children. Jake’s partner is expecting their second child and our second granddaughter. Will she arrive on time? We hope so as we have only allotted a few days before heading back to Melbourne to start the “UpSticksNGo  Journey”.

The few days in Queensland and Lismore will enable Michelle and I to still our nerves and centre ourselves. As  the last two weeks has been murder. A real roller coaster of emotions, nerves, tiredness and mild state of panic.

Emotions have been flying around us which haven’t all been our own. People are letting their guard down a little now that our departure is so near. We’ve been receiving hugs from people who normally keep their distance or a knowing smiles from both friends and people we don’t really know. Our parents, especially our mothers are nervous and fearful for both ourselves and the children. Resulting in some heated discussion and added burden on our thoughts in these last few days. Mostly fears around unfounded scenarios or  issues that could occur whether we remained in Tasmania, or travelled the world.

The extra emotions on top of the last minute disasters has put us close to panicking a few time. There has been the big disasters, like the bathroom renovations turning into a major catastrophe, going over our budget and the smaller ones where paint won’t dry  because the weather is so cold and damp.  Good disasters also,  we couldn’t find a suitable shipping container in our price bracket, so we have made a better storage arrangement. Which means we no longer have to be as particular about what we keep and what we store, making the decision simple. If we are uncertain about an item, just pack it. Which probably means we will keep more stuff than we actually need, but it has taken off some of the pressure.

It  hasn’t been simple,  we have seriously over committed ourselves by continuing to run the businesses, blog post once a week and fix up the house all while packing to leave. Its meant long days and even longer nights.  Tiredness and pressure have taken their toll with tears on several occasion.  We considered a delay.  But Michelle’s resolute stance and financial loss saw us push through.  We found a way around the problems by readjusted our idea about how we should proceed or found an alternative.

A few things have been postponed. We haven’t reroofed the house. It will have to wait until summer, when the weather is better and hopefully our finances also. The interior painting has been cut in half. Walls have been washed instead.  Carpet still needs to be laid, floors tiled and bathrooms finished all more that we can achieve in the three days remaining. So we will have to rely on trades people doing what we have asked.  Its was hard to accept  until we realised we will need to do the same while we are traveling.  Problems will arise on the property that will need fixing and we certainly won’t be flying home to oversee work, so we are going to have to rely on others to do there job why we do ours. A bit of a paradigm shift but thats whats its all about. Work. Travel. Live. LEARN


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