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Sometimes you have to do a U-Turn!

Sometimes you have to do a U-Turn!

By on Jun 14, 2015 in House Sitting, Life Hacking, Life Lessons, Online Business | 0 comments


This week I realised we’ve made two U-turns in our journey recently – one is business related and the other travel related.

I’ve decided to change my business model and give away my valuable training webinars so I can help as many people as I can.  With this decision we take a bit of a financial hit, BUT as we have other sources of income and I truly believe that helping others achieve will create plenty of positive vides in the universe and those that need or want extra help will join our coaching club.  So if you’re interested in creating an online income, sign up the digital product webinars – they are now free!  And you’ll get a copy of the recordings 🙂

Our travel U-turn involves not heading to USA (sorry all our friends there), which we are all disappointed about..  However we have been offered an amazing opportunity to house sit a cat, in a small village 30 minutes outside Rome for 10 months!  This is will give us time to fully immerse ourselves into the Italian culture, to take on a regular language tutor so we can all learn Italian (and practice it!) and to explore an incredible country full of history!  Its just too great an opportunity to miss out on..  We had a number of family discussions to decide if we wanted to this – we don’t start till August, so it will also extend out time away by 6 months and we won’t be home until June 2016!  It was unanimous – we have different reasons for wanting to do it and we all realised that it was an opportunity to good to forego.

We are often struck with pivotal moments in our lives and don’t always realise that they are pivotal until we look back – this may be one of those times in both U-turns!

We hope we’ve made the right decisions, but it feels right.  Taking U-turns in life (changing direction) is not something humans find easy, it can be uncomfortable to change direction, especially if you’ve laid a path out ahead of you!  But if you’re not prepared to take a chance and listen to your gut feeling when opportunities arise to change direction, you may be missing out on really living your best life.

So, go live a boldly different life and don’t let opportunities pass you by!

We have a new Facebook group all about living life differently – we’d love to see you there to have a chat about life and adventure 🙂



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