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A Skitch in Evernote saves time

A Skitch in Evernote saves time

By on Jun 4, 2014 in Tasmanian House, Tech Tips | 0 comments


Over the past few months we have been getting the house ready to be leased.  Some long over due maintenance task have seen me making various trips to the hardware store to purchase items, and price jobs. In the past I've whipped off to the hardware store with a list  and a vague idea of what I should get. Once there I'd spend ages trying to find the right stuff or trying to explain to the staff members what I needed. Invariably I'd get back from the store with only 80% of what I needed or worse still I'd arrive back with twice as much as I needed just to be sure I didn't run short.

The two big problems are explaining what you need and making sure you have everything you need. It's difficult to explain to someone else what your trying to do when you don't know the basic language of the task, the correct names of the parts  or the correct dimensional information. Its amazing that the staff in the hardware store can decipher, "you know the thingy magjig that connects to the watch ma call it" but amazingly they do.

I've found an easier way to help them know exactly what I'm trying to do and of course it uses iTechnology. Originally I'd take a photo and some measurements on a piece of paper down to the hardware store. This helped as the staff member could see what I was trying to do. But still things would go wrong, I'd forget which dimensions applied to which parts, forget to turn over the page to see what else I needed or even leave  my  notes at home. (I never forget my iPhone or iPad).

Heres what I'm doing now, I take my trusty iPhone or iPad and tape measure out to the job and take lots of images of the maintenance task  I'm about to tackle. Then using Evernote Skitch I annotate the images directly with all the measurements and details I think I'll need to explain the situation.  Skitch is the app I used  before upgrading to Evernote premium now I can annotate the images directly in Evernote.

  • Original Image
  • Adding a line
  • Selecting a colour
  • Adding a dimension
  • Enlarging the text to make it visible
  • Image in Evernote ready to share

Evernote is also a perfect way to record the detail condition of the house prior to renting.  I've been compiling a set of notes with photos to help the tenant find the meter box, workout how to turn the water off incase of emergency and where the garden tapes can be found (we have a large garden). All with images, notes and videos and I don't need to put them anywhere special I just have to share the link with people who need to know directly from Evernote and they can access all the information.


How to annotate an image in Evernote to help making a trip to the hardware store is more productive


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