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Seb’s Manchester 

Seb’s Manchester 

By on Apr 4, 2015 in manchester, Travel experiences, United Kingdom | 1 comment


We drove to Manchester and put the stuff in the hotel and went to bed. When we got up we had a yummy breakfast then head of to the train.

When we got to Manchester City and obviously mum and dad wanted to get a coffee so we went to Starbucks. Then we went in a library that looked cool and had lots of cool stuff in side as well like big touch screens and coffee tables that also had touch screens.

Then we walked down to the canal to find some food but we didn’t go there so we walked around to another restaurant but it was to full so we just went to a Indian restaurant. Then Tash wanted to get new jeans so we went around Manchester to find a second hand shop and we found a 3 story shop (Aflecks) with lots of cool stuff because they had everything!!! But the thing I liked the most was the amazing shoes with a rill spring on them. After this amazing day we went and got another drink and went back to the hotel.

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    Seb, What were the touch screens on the tables for, and why were the shoes with the real spring so amazing?

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