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Sebs Awesome Birthday at Si-Am Park City

Sebs Awesome Birthday at Si-Am Park City

By on Dec 2, 2014 in Bangkok, Favourite travel moments, Travel experiences, Travel with kids, Work and travel | 3 comments


So for Sebs birthday he wanted to go to the Si-Am Park City theme park.  Which is a big awesome theme park with roller coasters, fun rides and even a water park that is also home to the largest wave pool in the world.

By the way I love extreme rides and if I get a chance I will go on every single one of them!

So that day I set out to go on all the extreme rides at Si-Am Park City.  I liked all of them at Si-Am Park City.

For your information, the rides that I get the most nervous on are the ones that are basically a big pole that either shoot you up into the sky or drop you from the very top. The reason why they frighten me is not only that they are really scary but because I have a small fear of heights but it doesn’t stop me going on them.

Here is a list of the extreme rides I went on at Si-Am: The Boomerang, Vortex, The Giant Drop (This one is one of the giant pole ones), Take Off!, The Condor, Mega Dance and The Enterprise.

Even though I mainly set out for the extreme rides, I also had some fun on some of the other fun looking rides lying around the park.

There was also the water park that wasn’t really the best bit from my prospective, but dad, mum and Seb liked it.

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    Glad to hear that you’re all enjoying Bangkok and had fun at Si-Am Park for Seb’s birthday! I’m really scared of heights, so I wouldn’t be able to go on any of those big drop rides – you’re very brave. Keep having fun. Love Bev xx

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      Ben and Tash just love those mad rides! Luckily Seb is smarter and spent a bit of time hanging out with mum and dad 🙂

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    Hey Ben, just wanted to say I enjoy your writing, it is very well constructed and interesting.

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