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Saverne France to Pontarlier France

Saverne France to Pontarlier France

By on Aug 12, 2015 in European Road Trip, Road trip European Vacation | 0 comments


August 12 Day Three Saverne France to Pontarlier France

Warm words from an even warmer Simon today


Shopping in Saverne

I love camping and I love cooking in the wild. Today we brought a butane cooker, some butane gas and some tools so we can cook while we are on the road. With our tight budget, cooking for ourselves is an important cost saving. Being able to cook during the day as we travel means we can eat like kings on our European Vacation road trip. 

At a small shopping centre near the Rohan Castle we found an Aldi, Gifi and Mr Bricolage were we purchased our butane cooker and food for the day. By the time we hit the road our stomachs were grumbling.


Needing a place to cook our brunch we headed off our planned route at a small town called Barr just south of Strasbourg  France.  We were really heading towards the wooded hills or possibly the river that ran through Barr. Barr wasn't a planned stop but we are very pleased we turned off the road. We found a great place to make our lunch just out of Barr then returned to Barr for a walk around this amazing little town. I love unplanned side trips.



Time limited internet

Every place is different but occasionally you come across something stupid. The Pontarlier Youth Hostel internet is metered out to residents on a time basis which is totally stupid.  If I'm watching a movie I may be using the band width to it's full capacity but if I'm browsing article or blog posting. I'm hardly using any internet at all. But I'm connected to the internet for the same amount of  time. Internet should be unlimited and its cost absorbed in the price structure but if must be metered then it should be based upon bandwidth usage and not time connected.  



To make more unplanned side trips

One of the reasons we like Geocaching so much is not the game itself but the places it takes you. Unplanned trips of following someone else's suggestion is a great way to discover new and exciting things. Todays side trip to Barr was a great example of how amazing those adventures can be.


Barr chocolate shop
Brunch in forest near Barr
Barr house

Michelle's take on the day


Barr, France almost missed it 

My favourite parts of todays travel through France - the gorgeous little village of Barr where we stopped and had an ice-cream, and finding a great spot by a little river in the shade to have lunch.  Just magic!  
If we hadn't taken a detour off the highway to find a spot to eat our lunch we would have missed the gorgeous village of Barr - I wonder how many other amazing villages we missed while we were on the highway? 

Hostel a little dirty and stingy with internet

Unfortunately the hostel room in Pontarlier was a little dirty and the Internet was only for one user and was timed!  Not great for digital nomads who need the internet for their livelyhood!  But I'm sure its fine for single guys and girls who stay there in the winter for the skiing!


The great outdoors around Pontarlier 

I'd love to come back and explore some of the outdoor activities around Pontarlier - there appeared to be a lot of things to do in summer and winter in the area.

Natasha's whine for the day

Fun drive with happy parents!

The best bit about today, personally for me, it would have to be the drive. Since mum and dad were actually really happy today it was really fun and relaxing. There was a lot of singing a long to a mixture of Nikki's old songs that dad somehow still had and dad music that we all pretty much grew up with. I also got to do a lot of reading, on my iPad and paperback. 

If mum and dad could stay in these good moods then I recon the drive through Switzerland will be amazing tomorrow. 


Late breakfast - more like lunch!

The worst part of today would have to be the inconvenience at breakfast. 

Seriously today was such a good day that the only bad thing was a mix up with breakfast. 

The story is that breakfast was meant to be included in our stay in certain hostels but there was a  bit of confusion and we ended up not having breakfast there at all. Instead we went and bought a gas cooker and cooked pasta on the side of the road at 12pm. 

It was actually really nice though, we were in the woods next to a little stream, it was very relaxing and reminded me a lot of camping (which I sort of miss, but shhhhh! You can't tell dad I said that, it would result in us camping all the way back to Australia from Italy!). 


Slower sight seeing

Bucket list, hmmm, this is a hard one today, we were mostly driving through country side so there wasn't much to come back and visit. I think like yesterday I would like to come back and be able to have more time to enjoy some of the sights.

We went to a really cute village today (Barr) that I wouldn't mind coming back to one day, they had this amazing bakery with a giant window full of pastry. We ending up getting ice cream there actually because it was so hot and we need something to keep us cool. 

Mons Grand Place
Underpass in Mons

Benjamin has his say


Dad was chilled today!

What I liked about today was that dad wasn't such a grump and was high on the chill pills we forced fed to him.


Too Hot...

What I didn't like about today is that it was so hot and we had no water for a while until we found a Carrefour (it's a European super market).


More cooking outdoors

And what I would like to do again is stop in a forest and cook lunch or brunch.


Seb's Thoughts


Towns on the hills

We drove through a few hill and I liked seeing the top of the hill because there were lots of towns that looked cool!

Hot car..

I don't really like being in the hot car for a long time - like every day.


Hills in Winter

I'd love to come back to the hills when its winter, maybe there'll be snow there.

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