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Pontarlier France to Torino Italy

Pontarlier France to Torino Italy

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August 13 Day Four Ponarlier France to Torino Italy

Simon - Enjoy the warm weather


Swimming in lake Lausanne. Who could imagine it would be so hot in Switzerland. Last time I was here it was the middle of winter and freezing cold this time i'm in shorts and T Shirt looking of the shade and enjoying a dip in the Lake. 

I'd have thought a lake consisting mainly of snow melt would be very cold but the water temperature was beautiful. 

Loved the mountain pass. First climbing so high on very windy and sometimes very exposed roads was quite a thrill.  Then barrelling through the Saint Bernard Tunnel to arrive in Italy and wind our way back down to Torino. 

Some of the best scenery on our trip so far. Magic.



Blunt knifes.

I've been traveling with two large pocket knifes all this time and used them fairly rarely. I actually though the larger knife was quite sharp until trying to cut up the Tomato and Salami for lunch. Made a total botch of the job until I brought out my trusty swiss army knife. So sharp I could shave with it. Saved the day and how apt to use this knife which I've carried around the world on the side of Lake Lausanne Switzerland.


To visit the alps again in the winter time to take Sebastian skiing.  I remember skiing in Schaffhausen when I was Tasha's age and I'd love to take the kids back to experience something similar.

Buoys on lake lausanne
Banks of Lake Lausanne
Kid in middle of Ponarlier river

Michelle's take on the day


Amazing vistas everywhere! 

My favourite part of today was magic Lausanne, where we stopped for lunch and the boy even went swimming in Lake Lusanne.  

Plus every where we looked as we drove there were amazing vistas thanks to the Alps mountains! Although some of the drops as we were driving were a little challenging for me..


Concern for the car on a few steep accents 

Simon and I were a little worried about the car for 5 minutes as it struggled up the Alps and the temperature kept rising! Luckily it was fine ...


More time in the amazing Alps! 

Driving through Switzerland and the Alps we had WOW vistas in every direction - I would love to go back and spend time in the alps to take in all the majesty of those mountains! 


Natasha's whine for the day


Gorgeous Switzerland

The best bit about today was driving through Switzerland, it was so much cooler (temperature) and absolutely gorgeous. Having the chill after the few days of uncomfortable warmth was amazing and the views were absolutely stunning.

We got to see heaps of ski slopes, unfortunately without any snow, the mountains were so big and green and some of them even had snow at the peaks. It all felt like it went way to quickly really - it all went by in a blur of green and then before you know it we were in the tunnel and passing the border to Italy. 


Seriously Dad...

The worst of today would have probably been how much dad overreacted, he was fine most of the day (except when we got lost for a while but he was still fairly good) but when we got to the hostel the area it's in is a bit dodgy.

Sure, I know it's a good habit to get take everything with you and not to leave anything in the car and all but he went a little over the top. Of course he disagrees but he even went as far as to take the radio out of the car. He physically removed it from its place and brought it inside with us. There was just a gapping hole where the radio was meant to be, the poor radio.


Love to Ski in the Swiss Alps

I would really love to come back and ski in the Swiss alps. Being able to just drive through it and see all the slopes even without the snow it just looks amazing, sort of like a wonderland sort of vibe. I've never skied before but I would love to learn, I think since we are staying in Italy so long and the alps are so close we will probably come back and ski, hopefully. 

Mons Grand Place
Underpass in Mons

Benjamin has his say


Huge Mountains

What I liked about today was all of the huge mountains mostly in Switzerland and that it was actually cool air not so hot and stuffy.


Italy - hot!

What I didn't like about today was that at the end of the day we are now back in the hot and stuffy weather here in Italy.



What I would like to do again is have another swim. We hadn't swam very much in England due to it being so cold all the time and I loved swimming in Lake Lausanne in Switzerland!


Seb's Thoughts


Switzerland and swimming in the lake

Loved being in Switzerland with all the mountains and swimming lake Lausanne.


Can't sleep in the heat

I didn't like coming back down the mountains into the hot and sweaty weather because I can't get to sleep.


Skiing in the Swiss Alps

I most want to go back to Switzerland in the winter to ski on the slopes there.

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