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By on Feb 24, 2015 in Spain, Travel with kids | 0 comments


Hey guys,

What’s up? How is everyone on this lovely day?
Great, so turns out we’ve changed it so blog post day is Tuesday now.  We had a little schedule going and they just changed it up without warning. Okay, so it doesn’t bother me that much, I’m just too lazy to actually be bothered writing these most of the time, I wish I could just write like one paragraph and be done with it.
But I guess for you guys I’ll keep writing these, it’s not like I have a choose in the matter anyway.

This week has been great, we have done a heap of fun stuff, we went and watched an even bigger parade than last weekend, we’ve been shopping and going out to eat a fair bit.  Plus, I finally got a jumper, I’ve been begging for one for ages.
Keavy, mum and I are also planning a girls day, in which we shall go shopping and have lunch together and buy some new cloths. I threw most of my cloths out so I need some new ones anyway – they were all getting old and grotty so I chucked them – well donated them really.

As I was saying before, we went and saw an even bigger parade, it had more of the huge floats and the colourful (and slightly skimpy) costumes.  It was an hours drive to the little town (Aguilas) where the event was being held – we parked a few blocks from the parade but you could already hear the music blasting through the streets.

It took us a while to find a good place to stand but once we did we were standing and watching the parade for a few hours – by the time we were heading to find a place for dinner my legs and back hurt quite a big.

We found a nice restaurant but it was quite busy so we had to wait a bit to be seated. When we were finally eating I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t feel too well so I didn’t eat much. We did have some delicious dessert and then went to find some coffee for dad, I don’t know why? (Maybe he was tired and wanted to be more alert for the drive home or something.)
I was feeling really sick by then though, I had really sharp pains in my lower belly and it was unpleasant.  After all that we finally headed home and got into bed considering how late it was – like 1am.

Other than that we haven’t really done anything major this week – mum booked our flights to England, we had to go five days later then expected because the flights were much cheaper. I can’t wait to go to England, it’s one of the places that I’ve always really wanted to visit.

That’s all for now guy, talk again next week, Bye!
-Tash Frost.

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