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New housit in Norwich

New housit in Norwich

By on Jul 28, 2015 in Work and travel | 1 comment


We are now back in Norwich but in a different house with 2 horses and 2 dogs. The two dogs names are Popsy and Rocko.

This is Popsy she is a tiny little dog that loves to lick you constantly but is also very cuddly. But she doesn’t really like if you get between her and her food. šŸ˜‰

This is Rocko he is a dog that sort of looks like a whippet but actually isn’t and for some reason his breed always looks really skinny. He is quite a relaxed dog and likes a good pat.

I’m having so much here! So I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks weekly blog where I tell you about some of the cool things that happen in my life.

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    Hey Beb, I am just back from Flinders Island and Max is needing sooooo many cuddles … I’m thinking he is not a cat, rather a person :-). A great old cat he is!!! I will pick up Tiger later today from up the hill too. Your new house sit in Norich looks great. I love Norwich and remember my visit there with much affection… The dragon trail looks like loads of fun too.
    We miss you heaps here and I am looking fwd to seeing you again as soon as I can make it happen … Maybe Italy now. Take special care Ben …. Love you up to the sky and back.
    Wendy xoxoxo

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