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New house sit

New house sit

By on Jul 21, 2015 in House Sitting, Pets, Travel with kids | 0 comments


We’re in Nuneaton at a new house sit!  This is a smallish town

Here they have 3 dogs (2 ridge back and 1 doberman) and cool 3 cats.

The dogs name are Bronson, Miley and Lola. The cats names are Lamby, Poppy and Sweeps.

Bronson likes playing with Ben and I on the trampoline – he is soft and very playfull. He is just under  1 year.

Miley is fun to play with and give hugs to. She likes playing fech. She is a bit under a year as well.

Lola like playing with us on the trampoline as well. She is all so play full and like pats. She is also under a year.

Then there are the three cats – they are Devon Rexes – a special breed with tight curly fur.

Lamby is cute and soft he comes and sleeps with me every night and has white hair.

Poppy is small, cute and love pats. She likes to climb the cat tower that has beds on it.

Sweeps is a bit bigger then Poppy and also likes climbing the tower. And likes pats under the chin.

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