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More of Spain

More of Spain

By on Feb 24, 2015 in Spain, Travel with kids | 0 comments


We got up early and did some work then we went out to the shop to got Ben his jacket and I got Ben jacket. Then we went out for dinner.

We got up and did some more work then we went and walked the dog and collected wood on the way back.

We got up and did some more work. Then we went out for dinner.

We got up early and started walking down to the place we where we were having breakfast. Then we went up and played around a watch tower. Then we came back down and had a drink while me and Ben were playing frisbee. Then we drove to the carnival and had dinner.

We got up and went to the market to got shoes for me but we could not find any so we went to a cheep shop and we did find some shoes for me.then we went and had a swim in the water and play frisbee. The Then we went home and had chicken for dinner.

We got up early and had breakfast then we started driving to the fort first we stopped at an aerial then we drove down to the fort and parked the car. We started walking down the road to the fort. First we came across a little cave and we saw a bat inside it. Then we went and saw the big guns and me and ben were playing on them and on the tip of them. Then we went down and saw the littler canons and had a look around. Then we went and drove to the shop and got lollies.

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