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Monkey Mia Magic

Monkey Mia Magic

By on Aug 26, 2014 in Camping, Coffee, Travel experiences | 0 comments


For me Monkey Mia was always going to be one of the highlights of our camping trip in Australia. You see when I was about 12 my little brother won a trip to any where in Australia and after some discussion it was decided that we’d go as far as possible from King Island where we lived – so Western Australia it was! Mum really wanted to visit Monkey Mia but it was a very long way from Perth – like a 2 days plus car trip. My brother and I decided that was way too far and so we didn’t go. Ever since then I’ve wanted to make up for that mistake and go okay with the dolphins!


Now that I’ve been there, I can tell you it is magic and worth a visit, even though it’s quite a drive! The rangers give feeds and talks 2-3 times a days to only a select few dolphins in order to make them go and catch their own food. You’re also not allowed to touch them or go into the water on a particular part of the beach – all for the welfare of these wild dolphins.

Apart from the dolphins we found the resort at Monkey Mia was fantastic – it offers accommodation for everyone from luxury to camper like us. If you are camping you still have access to the same facilities as the luxury accommodation people which was very nice. The camp kitchens were fitted out with everything, there bar made yummy counter meals, the restaurant made a nice coffee and finally the staff were really helpful. You have probably gathered I rather liked Monkey Mia!


We also went out on a catamaran called Shotover to look at more dolphins, logger head turtles, Dugong and many other sea animals. The trip lasted for over 3 hours and was absolutely lovely – great people, amazing animal encounters and incredible views everywhere.. We enjoyed it so much we went back for the complimentary sunset cruise – again it was stunning and probably one the best parts of our journey so far for me 🙂


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