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Meeting up with Nikki

Meeting up with Nikki

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On the 18 of April Nikki surprised us by visiting us in London for her 21 birthday!

It was the first time she had been here so she had a lot to see. But by the time she got here it was already dark so we went home got prepared and when out for Nikki’s birthday dinner ended up finding an Indian restaurant that was very nice and made an amazing butter chicken. Now with our stomachs satisfied we headed home to get some rest for the long day ahead of us.

First we hopped on to one of the underground trains and traveled to Piccadilly Circus and took a short walk down to Buckingham palace Via Trafalgar Square to show Nikki around.

The next day we travel to St. Paul’s cathedral which had some amazing work put in to it, we then walked across the tower bridge via millennium bridge and then down to The London Tower which is where they hold the crown Jewels which are priceless. From there we travelled by train to the Royal Albert Hall which also has some amazing architecture, from there we walk down to the science museum which is very fun and very educational with lots of interactive things to do. Really interesting topics and some mind blowing experiments unfortunately we got there late so we only had an hour and a half to look around hopefully we can go back soon.

The next Day we split up The girls went to the mall and the guys went Geocaching we found 5 geocaches all the ones that we were looking for and that pretty much took up the whole day.  The next day we left to go to a place near Hadrian’s wall we left Nikki to roam around London on her own path.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks weekly blog post about our big sister Nicky visiting us in London
Until next time

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