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Many Great Things Of IKEA

Many Great Things Of IKEA

By on Mar 4, 2015 in Spain, Work and travel | 0 comments


today I am (out of my limited experience (one time) going to tell you about my favourite things of IKEA

Okay think about this how many Nooks and crannies do you think are in one ikea store? Lots and lots and lots which is why IKEA is perfect for kids to play hide n seek in. They could hide in cuboards under beds behind chairs behind plants even inside a box full of teddys which brings me to my next subject on ikea.

The teddys are so fluffy! Especially the pandas and you could probably fit in the box that they overfill

It also a great place to have a nap, you can choose from a vast selection of bed sheets and bed types, bunk beds, king size beds and smal baby cots if you prefer you can even chose from sofas and chairs there might even be message chairs too

There is also a lolly section to ikea you know one of those weighing sorta ones

There is also the cafeteria which is quite cheap and you can pay 1€ ($1.50 au) for a cup which you can refil as much as you want

So I hope you enjoyed this post on ikea based on real events that happened on my first time at ikea.

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