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Malaysia is Awesome!

Malaysia is Awesome!

By on Oct 21, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Rave travel, Travel experiences, Travel with kids, Work and travel | 1 comment


So now we’re in Malaysia and we’re having soooo much fun, so I think I’ll just start from the start.  The first day in Malaysia we went straight to the big city, Kuala Lumpur and found our way to the twin towers where we went into the Petronas park – a beautiful park but with too many rules like no eating & no games, your not even allowed to lean against a tree!  But even though they are pretty crappy rules they have the most amazing water show at night with all the colours of the rainbow lighting up the city and its right in front of the twin towers too!

So the next morning we venture off to our new house and found out that the TV had fox movies so we quickly decided that we better have a rest so we could watch movies!  The next day we decided the monorail was a good idea we were wrong, its over crowded and all the handles are all greasy and yucky, so when it was time we happily left.

Luckily at night there was a street market on just down the road from our place so we decided we better check it out.  Once we got there we saw that it was about 300 metres long so we started walking down it.  We found these little doughnut things, they were made out of rice flower so we decided we better have some, when we got them we had one and they were very nice they taste like dates and rice flour a good combination apparently.  Then just a few stalls after we found the thing we were looking for – barbecue corn – they taste amazing. We kept walking and saw some amazing creative things. As we were coming back on the other lane we found something we just had to try – it was a skewer with 6 marsh mellows that were then dipped into melted chocolate (desert definitely) it was delicious!!!

The next day we struggled to find our way to the Kuala Lumpur bird park where saw the most amazing, astonishing birds ever, from parrots to ostriches, emus, cranes, chickens, peacocks, owls, pelicans, eagles, ducks, flamingos, ibis and lots of exotic birds that I have no idea about and a bird called the hornbill – its one of the feature birds but they are very beautiful birds!

Finally the Batu caves! When you get there it is amazing with the huge statue and once you start the stairs and look up towards the top you think, wow! And at the top the statue looks so much bigger, then you walk into the cave and its breath taking, with monkeys everywhere and lots of statues and surprisingly we found some friends, the Barretts from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia which was pretty cool!

So Malaysia is amazingly beautiful and if you haven’t been yet I extremely recommend it. bye see ya next week.

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    Good work Ben, lots of detail which I enjoyed. Your piece was well edited. Jxx

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