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Leaving Wellington

Leaving Wellington

By on Jun 3, 2015 in Life Lessons, Online Business, Travel experiences, Travel planning, Travel with kids, Traveling Office, Work and travel | 0 comments


So tomorrow we will be leaving Wellington and will be back in Norwich which was actually our first house sit in the UK – it’ll be really fun going back there with all of the horses and the big dogs but its also sad leaving Basil, Maisy and Mr Muttley :c .

It’ll be really sad leaving Basil because he’s such an awesome dog – he is very very very playful and loves hugs and kisses like literally he will lick you if you get too close.

And then there’s Maisy and it will be really sad to leave her as well, her fur is so soft and she loves a belly rub, oh and loves to go for a walk – she is very cuddly.

And then theres Mr Muttley – he’s quite old but he still tries to run when going out for walks – he is also very soft and although he is pretty blind he still knows when you’re there and loves attention.

Overall leaving Wellington and Telford will be sad, because it’s such an amazing place with amazing terrain and cool modern and medieval towns and villages.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks weekly blog where I tell you about some of the cool things that happen in my life and in this case telling you about Wellington and how I will miss it.

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