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Recording Our Adventure

Recording Our Adventure

By on Jun 25, 2014 in Distance Education, Life Lessons, Teaching on the Road | 1 comment


Since we got on the boat last Saturday we have all “hand written” in our journals – noting down what ever each person has felt about the days events in what ever way they like.

It’s starting to become a routine, although we know it won’t be a habit for at least 2-3 weeks.

Each person is writing about their day in different ways – some of them are very factual while others more about how they are feeling during that day..

It’s amazing the way we are all having the same experiences but actually in reality we are all having different experiences – different perceptions really!

The journal writing is part of the kids schooling and also helps them decide what to put on the blog each week!  I think they’re actually enjoying it 🙂

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Mum, wife, online geek girl, distance runner, adventurer etc. all rolled into one! My job is to make sure we all have clean clothes, food to eat and most importantly that we have a heap of awesome experiences to fill our memory banks!

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    Great Shelley! Quite an adventure before you and well begun. It will be interesting to read how you manage all the tasks you list. thinking of you and sending our love from here in beautiful sunny Tasmania (on the Tamar River anyway – very pleasant the last couple of days with some rain at night!!). Mum xoxoo

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