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It’s been a while. 

It’s been a while. 

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Hey guys,Well, it’s been a while, how’s everything, you good?

Good, good, that’s all good.

I’m good, having a nice time, getting nice and settled in and all.

It’s really nice here, we have a great house to look after and the cutest little cat, he’s an outdoor cat but he’s still very cuddly and playful.

His name is Octavio, he’s a black and white cat, he’s quite big and muscly and he’s the cutest little thing. He has a girlfriend called whitey and an evil twin, that I can’t remember the name of.

Octavio loves to play, whether it’s with your hand, your cloths, laces, leaves, really anything.
We haven’t been doing much, putting things away, getting settled, looking around, school, I don’t know, not much really.

We did go into Rome though and we got to catch up with some friends.
We went into Rome the other day to, you know, explore, sightsee, all the normal stuff you do in Rome.

We had our first train trip there with Richard, he had to go to the airport so he just came with us.

He gave us a quick little tour and walked us to the Spanish steps before he left to go his own way. After that we just dawdled back to the ppl ace that we were meeting mums friends. When Sif arrived with Sunny (her dog), we finally started off the real tour.
Sif has spent quite a lot of time Rome so she knows the place pretty well, she showed us all the cool historic places. It was amazing, a lot more modern then I expected it to be honest. Anyway, we went around with siv and sunny, they showed us everything we wanted to see and took us to a great place for lunch and then an amazing place for dessert.

Over all it was an amazing day and I had so much fun, but it was really hot (keep in mind that I only have one pair of jeans arm and they’re black soooo).
The next day, Siv and Sunny came over to the house, originally they weren’t going to but since they heard that we had some friends that they wanted to meet coming over then you know, it all just happened from there and the next thing you know it was the next day and they were arriving that afternoon.

We were planing to all have dinner together, the friends, Siv and Sunny and us, buttttt, the friends plane got delayed and they ended up having all these problems (lost luggage!) but when they finally got here.  They had the bits of food that we left over for them and then we all had cakes and stuff together.

So, are you all wondering who the friends are? Hmmmmm?

The friends are…..

AUSTRALIANS – YES NAT AND JODIE CAME OVER OMGOMGOMG!!!  We stayed with Nat and Jodie in Greece back in January/February and we love them 🙂  They are professional house sitters and even teach people how to do it in their House Sitting Academy!

Yeah, so the Australians were here, unfortunately they’re gone now, but we’ll be seeing them again soon so it’s okay.

We ended up staying up till 3am talking and joking around, it was so much fun and we all had a great time, some of the adults even ended up getting a tad bit tipsy. :’)

The next day was not so fun for me though, I ended up getting a bit sick, it wasn’t too bad through the day, just the runs and an upset tummy but I missed out on going to the mall because of it soooo. 🙁

It was at night that it actually got bad, my tummy was just very upset and uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep, yeah well, I ended up throwing up all over my bathroom floor. I felt so weak and sick and after throwing up multiple times I shakily walked upstairs and woke Mum and Dad up at 4am. When I get really sick, I get really sad and apologetic when I do something, that I see as bad.  So when I threw up and Mum and Dad had to clean it up I felt so bad, I was crying and apologising, I don’t know, I just felt really bad.  After that whole fiasco, I had a shower and Mum came and slept in my bed with me.

Since then my tummy has still been a bit uncomfortable but no more throwing up or anything, so I’m good and fine and fully recovered. 🙂
That’s all for now guys, talk again next week, Bye!

-Tash Frost.

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