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Italy so far

Italy so far

By on Sep 16, 2015 in Formello, Italy, Travel with kids | 0 comments


This is a list of what we have done in Italy for the last few weeks:

We got a nice house

We got Italian lessons

We walked through the bush

We walked through the bush while in a storm… A big one!

Me and Ben are going to start basket ball here and we all ready tried it with a new Italian friend that plays too.

We got ice cream from a good ice cream place.

We met Nat and Jodie.

We met Sif.

We made a friend called Franchesco

We played basket ball.

We haven’t done much but I can tell you a story about the amazing unicorn called Jeff.

Jeff the unicorn was walking swagerlishesly down the road, and yes I just made up a new word 🙂  When he saw a storm coming so he went and got some ice cream from a good ice cream place.  Then he went to a nice house.  He decided to get Italian lessons.  Then he walked in the storm in a bush.  After that he went and made a new friend called Franchesco and played basketball with him.  Then he met up with some old friends Nat, Jodie and Sif – they had lots of fun.  And that’s the end of the now very popular swagerlishes unicorn.

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