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Internet addictions and business talk. 

Internet addictions and business talk. 

By on Sep 16, 2015 in Travel with kids | 1 comment


Hey guys, What’s been going on with everyone? 

We have seriously not been doing much, we’ve been trying to sort out everything properly. 

E school been taking a while to get sorted and mums passport is still taking forever! 
Mum and I will be beginning to do all the starting stuff for the new business, I don’t think I ever actually explained what it is that I’m doing? Well, essentially I’m just selling cloths I guess. But a bit more then that, I’m going to be selling designer cloths that originate in Italy, so I’ll be selling them from the original source. So if anyone is interested in buys some designer cloths from Italy, please contact me, mum or dad. I’ll be selling everything from Gucci to Nike so come be the first one to order! 
Tomorrow we’re meant to go to the beach so that should be fun. I’m hoping that it’s hit and the waters nice, I’m don’t think many people will be there considering its a weekday and schools just gone back. I’ve heard that Italian beaches are beautiful so I’m looking forward to it. 
I’ve been really interested in those subscription boxes lately, those ones that get delivered to your door once a month. I’ve been reading a heap of review and looking around at a lot of them. I’m mostly interested in the Japanese thing but all of them are really cool anyway. A lot of them ship free worldwide so that’s really cool, I really like all the reviews and wish that I could do that sort of thing and get paid for it. 

How cool would that be, getting things that you love and then getting paid to write your opinions about it! I think that would be an amazing job. 
Also fashion and makeup blogs, getting sent those things and just writing your opinion and getting paid, it would be awesome! 

I would love to do that sort of stuff, you have such a freedom in that job and you get to express your feeling to so many people interested in what you’re reviewing and you get stuff that you genuinely like. 

Of course you don’t always just get stuff sent to you, first you have to buy your own thing to review and build up a fan base I guess and that’s when company’s get interested in having you review their products. 
So I’ve just been spending a lot of time on my computer, switching between sitting outside, in bed, in the kitchen or just anywhere I can find that I’m comfortable in and can some how charge my laptop at the same time. 

I have simple needs really, simple needs for a simple girl. 
Thats all for now guys, talk again next week, Bye! 

-Tash Frost. 

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    Hi Tash

    I love the sound of your business – what a wonderful idea 🙂 I’d love to do something like that too. You’ll have to explain it all to me some more once you get started.

    Glad you’re loving Italy xxx

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