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How to travel and make money

How to travel and make money

By on May 31, 2015 in Life Lessons, Marketing Lessons, Travel, Work and travel | 0 comments


How to make money on the road

Most of the existing advise to travellers on how to make money on the road is to teach English, travel blog (or any blogging), do volunteer work, act in films or TV productions,  housesit or pick up local cash jobs etc. These are all good ideas and as you know we do house sit.  House sitting  reduces our accommodation cost, helps us met people, explore places and  best of all get to live like locals and not as tourist.  But it doesn’t make us any money on the road.

The suggestions above that actually make money, local job, teaching english etc have one problem. They all cost your time and can’t be scaled to fit your changing need. Even consultancy a suggestion often bandied about by how to travel the world and make money guru’s costs time. If your using your time to work then your not traveling and exchanging your time for money means there is a ceiling to the amount of money you can earn. If you use up all the time you have in a day you can’t make any more money without finding a higher paying alternative.

That’s why we suggest you go into business and treat your travel experience as a business.  A business that sells discreet products and services in a scaleable manner can provide you with all the income you need to travel the world as long as you wish.  You leverages your know how to create products and services that you can sell not just once but many time. So your initial investment of time spent creating a product supply system and sales funnel will be repaid many times over.

Establishing and maintaining a cash flow in this manner can providing an income to live the life of freedom most travellers desire. A life where you can  travel regularly or for extend periods of time.

Appearing to know how to travel the world and make money

We read about travel writer and photographers and follow a few who have large followings on social media who appear to know how to travel the world and make money.  They are flown all over the world to experience and report on the places they visit.  The business paying the bills leverage their popularity to make sales for the product or service the writer/photographer are featuring.

The smarter ones turn the activity and experience into products and guides they can sell as part of an on going business. The others disappear as their following dwindle in favour of the next hot item or they become tired of having to go where people tell them to get paid.  Once that happens they just have a day job like everyone else but now they can’t even take a holiday without feeling like they are still at work.

passport and money The ones who leverage their travel experience and/or create a business that survives the long game make a living from what they enjoy.  Freedom comes from knowing your in charge of what you earn and your not governed by how much someone is willing to  pay for your time.

This is how we travel the world and make money. We run several business and develop new business and product as the desire or need takes us. We often get asked how we do this and most people are amazed when we tell them how simple its is to start a business online. But simplicity doesn’t mean we don’t have to work.

Of course we need to work, product don’t make themselves and people don’t osmotically know we are selling a product. We do have to work hard to create the product, setup the sales funnel and start the marketing process. If we are selling a service we also need to develop the system and refine it sufficiently to free ourselves from it.  Otherwise we have just created another time suck and a day job for ourselves.

Once we have set all this in motion and the money starts to flow we still need to monitor, deliver and tweak all aspects of the process. But eventually a well structured business reaches a mature level where it functions with or with out us. In some cases it even works better with out our input.

So how to travel and make money

Of course our suggestion is to create, start or purchase a location independent business. A business that doesn’t require you to get up each morning and travel to the office. It also doesn’t require face to face meeting or has physical fixtures that tie you to a fixed location.

So what does a location independent business look like?

Well you will need customers that you can reach from anywhere in the world, you need to be able to communicate with those customers without having to see them face to face.  You must have products or services that you never have to hold or physically manipulate.  Finally you need a system to tell people about your product or service, enables them to pay you for the product or service and deliver their purchases without even moving a muscle. WOW that almost sounds impossible, until you consider digital products, drop shipping and software as a service as potential candidates.

With all these opportunities don’t hold stock, you never have to physical touch or do work at a fixed physical location and all of them use the internet as a means to market, sell and deliver to customers. Each has its own merits and disadvantages and each has a myriad of different ways you can use them to create and sustain a location independent business.

The choice is yours. We create and sell digital product and Michelle is just launching her new Michon How To series to help other people do what we have been doing since 2002. The series of videos, webinars,  question and answer coaching  show  how we research our market, develop our digital produces and then sell them online. Michelle is far more passionate about digital products than I am so I suggest checking out her website MichonHowTos.

However once you have a product created talk to me about systemising your business in a way that frees you from its day to day running so you can travel as we do.

Even if travel isn’t your passion you can still use digital products to create a great home business opportunity.  Just remember good home based business ideas is one that helps people get what they want. The Michon How To’s can help people become digital nomads like use but they can just as easily help people create a home based business.  


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