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House Sitting

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The Up Sticks and Go crew have had a couple of fantastic experiences house-sitting recently and have decided to make them selves available to anyone in the world who needs to get away and have peace of mind that their house and pets are being looking after and more importantly loved!

We left our house and our pets back in Australia and we really miss them.  So we’d love any opportunity to walk dogs, feed (and maybe ride) horses, cuddle cats, pat rabbits (and guinea pigs), feed and be mesmerised by fish, throw wheat and kitchen scraps out for the chickens and look after birds.  In fact between the five of us we can and would love to care for any menagerie, so you can have a holiday and know that your loved ones (pets) are being loved as if they are our own.

Not only will we love and care for your animals for you, but as home owners ourselves we understand what is need to keep a house neat and tidy and well maintained!  In the last two house sitting we managed to help build a house shed, mend (sew) cushions, fix a shower head, repair a leaking bathroom, fix an axe, chop a pile of wood and generally left the property better than when we arrived!

You could think of us as not just house/pet-sitters but also caretaker/handymen!

Fortunately we work online and the children are home schooled so we can keep your pets company during most days.  Having people at home most of the time is also good for the security of your property.

Whats our availability like?

It looks a little like this (as of 29th March – we’re filling up :)) – but remember we are very flexible, so contact us if you need a break (or if you know a friend who needs a break) – we would love to help if we can!

15th June – 17th June 2015:: available in the UK – any where

August/September/October 2015: available in Canada/USA/South America OR mainland Europe.

After that we’ve no solid plans and just plan to travel around a bit, see more of the world and do more house-sitting where we can!

All we need from you is Internet and enough room for us to sleep, we even come with our own car in the UK.

Shoot us an email today and you can fly away on that holiday or visit that relative you’ve been meaning too or maybe you just need a caretake for your holiday house – we’d love to help you out!

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We have the following house sitting references:

Julia Thomas Mooney – Wellington, Telford, UK – May/June 2015

Excellent family, very friendly & settled into a routine very quickly with my 3 dogs. My dogs were very happy & so was I. I kept in touch via email and checked out there great website daily to see what they had been up to. It was great to see my dogs having fun. I would highly recommend them as both house & dog sitters. We will keep in touch with them & watch there amazing journey on there webpage.


Peta and Brett Bourke Abela – Sheffield, UK – May 2015

We asked them back to sit for us again, what more needs to be said. 🙂
Great to meet with some fellow Aussies again but more importantly our lively brew of poodles were well looked after and delighted by the exuberance of the Frost children, who are equally caring and responsible.
A very flexible easy going family who took great care of our dogs and house. Highly recommended.


Madeleine Denton – Haltwhistle, Northumberland, UK – April 2015

Michelle and family were my first Housesitters, so I didn’t really know what would happen! We conversed via emails a few times. They arrived at the time they stated, a charming family, they understood about my dog, and took her out with them. They are very organised, Simon, Michelle’s husband fixed a few little jobs which was great. I was very happy with the whole situation, and would certainly have them again and recommend them to others.


Mark Copeman – Customer Thermometer – Bray, Berkshire, UK – April 2015

Michelle and her family were brilliant house sitters. The house was spotless on our return and the homemade biscuits and bolognese which were left for us was a real treat.

Can’t recommend them highly enough as house sitters!


Debbie Papadopoulou – Ascot, UK – April 2015

This was the first time that we had had house sitters for our pets. From the outset communication was great. Michelle is very organised in a very chilled out manner that put my nerves to rest.
It was even better when we met face to face on the day they came. The children were great, very well mannered and got on well with my boy who is younger than them as well as making a lovely fuss of the dog who just would not stop informing us of his presence!
They looked after Benji and the cats very well and the house, I am pretty sure, was in a better state than when we left it! The fridge was sparkling, I think they are really fairy god sitters


Sorrel and Charles Bellamy – Holly Cottage, Norwich, UK – March 2015

Michelle , Simon and family were brilliant house sitters, I did not worry at all about my home or many pets , (dogs, cats , horses ,chickens and goldfish !), the house was clean and tidy on our return and everyone who meet them whilst we were away said they were delightful.
WE have booked them for a second visit in June and I would recommend them to any potential house sit.


Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson
Full-time house sitters & Owners of the ‘House Sitting Academy’ – February 2015 (Greece)

Michelle and Simon, and their three wonderful children Tash, Ben and Seb, are nothing short of exceptional people and house sitters. They are five of the most wonderful people we have ever had the pleasure of not only meeting, but house sitting with.

The ‘Frosts’ came to us at the live ‘House Sitting Academy’ experience we ran in Greece in late 2014. The property, known as Delenia, is one of AirBnB’s top 40 properties when it is rented out in the summer months. However over the winter months it is managed by house sitters, and in winter 2014 became the location of the worlds first Live ‘House Sitting Academy’.

The property at Delenia is massive, rugged and very remote, perched right on the rocky cliff line of the Aegean Sea. It receives varied and often massively extreme weather, and the Frosts
certainly had a full taste of it. Over half an hour away from the nearest town by car, it is a place that participants need to be very self sufficient and resourceful, and each and every member of the Frost family exceeded all of our expectations in this regard.

Over the 10 days they attended the Academy in Greece they undertook duties with the dog, cats, chickens and Macaw Parrot, and assisted with the running of the household where a
number of other house sitters were also staying at the time. The three children were incredibly
receptive to the pets and their care, taking their own initiative to undertake the required daily tasks… even getting up earlier than the adults to tend to the chickens! They excelled at their responsibility and even relished in it.

They were extremely respectful and careful with the property, and despite this being a property with personal irreplaceable items throughout, we felt completely comfortable with the children at all times in this regard.

Simon was an invaluable asset to the property for the knowledge he bought to the table in terms of maintenance and technology, something that was very welcomed at such a large property.

Michelle and Simon are very high self starters and hard workers, readily identifying tasks that needed to be performed around the property and completing them. They have definitely passed this philosophy onto each of their children. Each undertook everything with complete confidence, initiative and vibrancy.

The Frosts are five of the most personable and genuinely caring people you will ever meet. They were well loved by all during their time at Delenia, and are particularly missed greatly for their wisdom, experience and connection by Jodie and I.

We could not recommend a family more caring, dedicated and genuine than the Frosts if your house sit can cater for a family. You will definitely not be disappointed by your choice.


Kathrin Barker – Au Chateau, St Nicolas De La Grave, France – Dec – Jan 2015

Our first experience at having house sitters looking after our house and herd was just perfect. The Frost family are the nicest people one can imagine, they are very well organized and helped us in any way they could. They arrived five days before we left on our 2 weeks’ holiday, so they could get to know our house and the daily routine of the animals. In these days they didn’t think they were on holiday, but helped where ever needed – Simon even went into the muddy field with Kenneth to build a new shed for our horses! While we were away, we very regularly updated on our zoo and when we came back, the house wasn’t only clean and warm … but there was a delicious hot soup waiting for us as well, so we could all have a nice dinner together!

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