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Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh

By on Nov 10, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh, Teaching on the Road, Travel experiences, Travel with kids | 2 comments


Hey guys,

Since last time I wrote we have arrived at Ho Chi Minh and have almost been here for a week. We have done a lot of exploring in the city.  We have even walked into the city a few times, in the boiling weather and it’s like 1 km, and I hate it. But it’s not all bad.

We have been seeing and doing lots of great stuff, we have seen the local culture and cuisine, met the local people and explored a lot of the city. We even went to the war museum where we got to learn about agent orange and the Vietnam war (called the American war here).

We also learnt a lot about Uncle Ho, he sounds like an incredible man really – fighting for communism, winning and re uniting the country.  In the museum it said that he was more like a father to the country rather than a ruler.  He lived in a normal house and even helped out at primary school and things like that.

tash and war museum

Other than that it’s pretty much just been us looking around (exploring).  Serious you’ll go down a street and not get bothered once by a hawker but the second you set foot in the backpacker part of town, you get swarmed, there are so many of them. I thought we were done with hawkers after Lombok, oh how wrong I was!  All they sell are fans and fake Ray-bands, even if you’re already wearing sunnies, they’ll try to sell you more.

Ho Chi Minh is a really beautiful place, sure it a bit busy but once you get the hang of walking across the road and dodging scooter on the sidewalk, it’s seriously an amazing place. We have had fun just looking at all the unique aspects of this place, from all the stalls, to the hawkers, to the insanely good and cheap food, to the great customer service, to the sites and much more.

We actually walked through a park one time after dinner and were met with heaps of couples, family or groups of friends all having separate picnics, they were all sitting on tarps or newspapers and it was wonderful, the way the community can connect like that, everyone looked happy and it was a great experience to walk through.

Apart from the sites and culture here, they also have a lot of history. We spent most of one day during the week at the war museum to study and learn the tragic events that went on during the war and then writing a paper on it the next day. It was a very sad trip actually to hear their side of what went on, there was also a lot of pictures, so gruesome that you wouldn’t expect to be in a museum.  We got to learn about the US aggression, the jail system, the means in which they tortured the prisoners, the guns, the civilian casualties, all the way down to agent orange and the affect it has on the people even to today.

Cu Chi Tunnel statues

Sticking with the war theme, we actually got to go see the tunnels that they used during the war (Cu Chi tunnels). We took a bus at 8am for a two hour bus ride to get to the place. We got to see the uniforms, their survival technics, their traps, how they made weapons and we even got to crawl through the tunnel for 100 metres. And let me just tell you, it was sure an experience, those tunnels are tiny, stuffy and dark, I really don’t know how they did it back then – I mean seriously I had to crawl on my hands and knees.  I don’t know how they dragged guns (and other things) through those tunnels. It was actually fun though and a very educational tour, it was nice to see such a horrible time turned into something so unique, educational and special. If you ever come to Ho Chi Minh, I defiantly recommend you go see the Cu Chi tunnels.

That’s all for now guys, talk next week, Bye!
-Tash Frost.

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    Hi Tashy! I loved reading all about your experience in Ho Chi Minh, visit to the war museum and the Cu Chi tunnels. I didn’t get there when I was in Ho Chi Minh and really wished I had, so it was great to experience it through what your great blog! AND don’t you just love the vietnamese food, so fresh and flavoursome – even for veggies! Glad you’re having a great time
    Love Bev xx

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    Well done Natasha. I really enjoyed this piece. Define is the route word and definitely is the adverb. Use your dictionary and thesaurus to check spelling and meanings of words – it is very import to good writing – you are making good progress.. J

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