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Helping others create freedom in their lives

Helping others create freedom in their lives

By on May 24, 2015 in Location Independent Business, Online Business | 0 comments


What have I been doing this week??  Apart from playing with 3 gorgeous dogs and exploring a new area in the UK (Wellington, Telford, UK), I have been very busy this week creating a new digital product all about how to create a digital “how to” product you could sell online.  Now that we’re travelling all the time, many people ask us how we make our money as we travel, so we thought it was about time to start showing you just how we do it. 

Digital “How to” products are just one way.  They’re basically PDF, audio and/or videos that show people how to do some thing, and because they’re in a digital format there’s no inventory, low risk and no postage.  I love how tos because I truly believe that everyone has at least one how to in them (a little like everyone has at least one book!).  You may not think you have anything that other people would want to know about, but I simply don’t believe you!  It could be that you’re really good at setting up model trains!  You could create a couple of quick videos showing people how to do just that, and the icing on the cake is that people will pay you for that knowledge 🙂

So thats what I’ve been doing this week – creating a course to help people work out what their “How To” is so they can make a digital product to sell online and create a little freedom in their lives 🙂  Its been a busy week and theres a few more to come before I’m done, but I’m loving being able to share all this stuff I’ve been learning since 2002!

If you’re interested in doing this for yourself feel free to check out the course over at Michon How Tos and if you have any questions let me know – I’d love to help you to tap into your wealth of knowledge and create something you can be proud of, something that may just put an extra few dollars in your bank account each week 🙂

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