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Hey guys,
This post is dedicated to Simon Frost, I don’t know how many of you know this but he turned 50 a couple days ago. We had a big day and I’m going to pretty much re-cap it here.

So, happy birthday Dad, I hope you had a wonderful day, here’s to fifty more great years to come.

The day started off with breakfast at the hotel, which I didn’t attend because I was still asleep.
After breakfast they all came back to the hotel room to relax for a while and open presents. Dad got quite a bit of food and some specially made cloths, he was very pleased with the gifts.
We then just hung around in the room until Mum and Dad had to drop us off at the BC house while they went to the spa for a couple of hours to get massages. At the BC house we had lunch and hung around with the workers, they are all really nice and fun to be around.
We ended up playing darts but I left early because my phone was almost flat. I know, I’m a horrible person, don’t judge me.

I was in the hotel for maybe an hour before everyone came back. Again we all relaxed and got prepared for the evening ahead. The boys on YouTube or games, Mum and Dad doing whatever they do and I was watching a show on my laptop – yes we were all on screens, that’s just how we are.

When the time came some people from BC came to the hotel to pick us up. The people at BC created a fun little game for us to play around the streets of Hanoi, it was pretty much amazing race but the end destination was the restaurant that we were having dinner at.

Dad and I were on one team while Mum and the boys were on another. Both teams had one worker from BC coming around with them and filming the game. We had a map and were giving a letter with a clue in it after we answered the questions given to us. Most of the questions were about our family, mostly mum and dad’s relationship. We had seven destinations and I think it was and hour and a half to get through all of them. At each destination the was a BC worker watching with the questions and the clue.

Dad and I worked well as a team and had a lot of fun running through the streets of Hanoi.  Literally we were running, everyone one around us was staring, but it was still fun.
We actually got to take some special transport and had some strange and fun experiences.
In the end Mum and the boys got there before us, but don’t worry guys, the game was actually rigged to make sure that we got there after them. They ended up blind folding dad and leading him in to the restaurant. So to be fair I think that dad and I actually won they had to set us an extra challenge at the ended because we were too quick and kept catching up to Mum and the boys.

At the restaurant there was a giant buffet and a huge cake, the room was decorated with balloons and we got to wear party hats.
After we stuffed ourselves to the brim with food and played some party game that just made us laugh because of how much cheating there was and how fun they were, we got a taxi and made our way back to the hotel.

When we got back we said a huge thanks to BC for planning all this and gave a little girl some balloons.
All together it was an awesome day and I hope that dad enjoyed it just as much, if not more than me.

-Tash Frost.

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