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Great to see friends from home!

Great to see friends from home!

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Sitting amongst the trees at Brokehole on the edges of Lake Windermere – it’s not too hard to see why this environment inspired Beatrix Potter to write the Tales of Peter Rabbit!   It’s a magic place with awesome green vistas in every direction and the gorgeous lake Windermere shimmering in the sun – its as if the scenery is conspiring to stimulate your imagination.

Today we’re here with some special friends from Tasmania – the Sladdens!  The last time we saw them we had just begun our 2 year adventure – we went to the Perth zoo in Western Australia.  Now almost a year later the Sladdens are in the UK for two reasons, so Mike (the dad) could attend a conference and Julie (the mum) could swim across the English Channel!  They’ve bought their two boys along for the trip, making a lovely family holiday out of it..

Julie was in the first swim of the 2015 ‘season’ to reach France!  The Australian team she was is was called, uniquely – One Direction All the Way to Calais!  Awesome effort and another bucket list item ticket off for Julie!  While we where hanging around at Lake Windermere the pull of a body of water right there was too tempting for Julie and she had to jump in and have a swim.  Simon did a video of it you can see here.

Our boys had a great time with Jack and Tom – playing mini golf, skipping rocks, eating pizza and generally bugging the parents to go on a long ‘super cool’ zip line (which was closed by the time we said yes – oops!).  Tash enjoyed an afternoon reading in the sun and truly channeling the literate history of the area!

It’s been fantastic to catch up with them again – it’s always lovely to see old friends from home.  After being away from all that is familiar for 12+ months we’ve become very good at making new friends, but you forget the ease of conversation when you know someone well, some one you have ‘history’ with – there’s an intimacy that develops over cups of tea and on the sideline at the kids soccer that just takes time to develop!

Thanks for taking the time to drop into our adventure again Sladdens – hopefully we’ll see you somewhere else in the world before we get home!  Maybe even Rome 🙂

Our day out with old friends has been delightful – and a reminder that we will need to go home again one day to rekindle old friendships  🙂

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