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Good Coffee is hard to Find

Good Coffee is hard to Find

By on Feb 21, 2014 in Coffee, Travel planning | 1 comment


I was first introduced to coffee by my ex fiancé, Alex while I was living in Sydney. We started having a cappuccino every other day and finally brought a coffee machine in the early 90’s. Alex took the machine when we separated, I got the bread maker, which turned out to be a poor choice for a glutard ( I found out a few years later that I was gluten intolerant ).

Anyhow I was in my early 30’s then and have enjoyed a good coffee almost daily since. I no longer make coffees for myself as instant isn’t worth the effort and a good expresso machine just isn’t portable enough for our life style. Luckily in Australia coffee is good and cafés are every where. So as sit here in Sydney International terminal about to head off to Manilla. I’m wondering if this will be my last good coffee for two weeks?

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    Simon I had the same dilemma as you with finding good coffee in my travels – finally got myself an Aeropress Travel kit – makes one or two decent coffee’s in a very short time – love it . I got my kit & a Crumpler carry bag via Everyday Coffee in Melbourne

    Cheers , Bill

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